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Hi! I’m back! Did you miss me?

(sounds of crickets chirping)

So, recently (just last week) I went to Magazines Canada MagNet2011 annual convention. Being a Journalist by training and Media Man in life, I enjoy going to these events and seeing what is new and exciting in the web2.0 (or are we web3.0 now?) world.

I went to the Getting Serious About Social Media seminar by Paul Mcenany, Director of Strategy from TwistImage. Most of what he talked about I already knew, but it is still interesting to get confirmation of the shape of things to come.

For instance, 270,000 visitors peruse Coke-Cola’s website. But 22,000,000 “like” Coke-Colas facebook page. (I believe these numbers are per month, but don’t quote me. I missed that part.) The trend did not surprise me, and after the talk, Mcenany did not agree with my reasoning. My theory: people do not want to register at multiple sites. If you are a fan of Coke, Chevy Wranglers, the Beatles, or Poodle Dogs, you can now go to one site, hit “like” and here come the status updates! Otherwise, you have to remember every user name and every password you used. Too much mental clutter. And with the growth of smartphones and the use of the facebook app, you don’t need to login and can check in from anywhere. I am a recent blackberry convert, this has become my new religion. Much to my wife’s chagrin.

Mcenany’s main point was to just try something, anything with Social Media. Bring some magic to your campaign, in order to cause emotional connections to the brand. And Social Media should be widespread throughout your organization. Good luck with that. Some company sites I have seen look like they were designed by a cat dancing on a keyboard. Yes, I am looking at you, Research In Motion. Love my blackberry, but your site is excruciatingly awful.

One quote from Mcenany sum up many of my thoughts on Social Media. “The smallest things tie you into your audience.” You never know how, or where, or when, the connection over the ethereal internet will occur. I have met multiple friends through my modem, and reconnected with many old ones, and sometimes a simple hello will lead to a whole new world. Too many companies only connect once in a while, and it barely relates to their product or a current event. Sometimes I learn about a companies promotions from the newspaper before twitter. Memo: twitter is the instantaneous now, newspapers are a morning snapshot.

Mcenany gave us some homework from the seminar. He suggested a TEDtalk by Simon Sinek, an organizational guru, and the book Radical Honesty (isbn: 9780970693846) by Brad Blantin, who believes in total honesty (in this quote, he advocates “mild ongoing risk taking”).

Their are many more points Mcenany made, but check out his twitter Paulmcenany and the hashtag for the seminar: #magnetsocial for nuggets of wisdom too numerous to mention here. Also try twitter: kattancock, who did excellent coverage of all of MagNet11.

Hope to be back soon!




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