The Superman Podcast Network

Hello, I’m back.

My excitement this time is all about podcasts. I became an evangelist of the podcast several years ago and the addiction became worse when my wife got me an ipod for Christmas. Best. Gift. Ever. My wife holds the opposite opinion.

Of the gazillion of podcasts I listen to, many of them I plan to recommend on SMP. First up is actually a bit of cheat. They are a multitude of pods about a single topic. Superman. My favourite character, my favourite superhero, my favourite period. Superman is my fav’rite, as Bibbo would say (wiki it).

Over the years various fans have created pods about Superman, covering different eras and ideas. Now they are all in one place (besides itunes). The website Superman Podcast Network us located at:

The pods included are: From Crisis to Crisis: A Superman Podcast, Golden Age Superman, Radio KAL/Speeding Bulletins, Supergirl: Lost Daughter of Krypton, Superman Fan Podcast, Superman Forever Radio, Superman in the Bronze Age, Superman Video Podcast, Superman: Last Son of Krypton, Thrilling Adventures of Superman, and World’s Best Podcast.

I stupidly thought I got all the Superman pods, then I saw this list. Some I had never heard of. And I call myself a Geek!

The love of Kal-El is evident with every episode of these shows. And the hosts have no problem pointing out flaws in the comics and characters, sometimes with interesting debates being stirred up. Superman gives up his American citizenship? Everyone weighs in. Will the marriage survive the upcoming relaunch? Some are cool with Lois and Clark not being wed. Should Jimmy Olsen die? Actually I think we all want him dead.

Picking a favourite pod is like picking a favourite child. But I have a fondness for From Crisis to Crisis (the best era of Superman with great hosts, Michael Bailey and Jeffrey Taylor) and The Superman Fan Podcast (Billy Hogan is the gentleman of all hosts). But they are all darn good!

Even if you are not a Superman fan, or even a podcast fan, you should give one of these a try. Just leave the Kryponite in the lead-lined box. And don’t mention Jimmy Olsen.

See, I can write shorter!


P.S. Superman is copyright 2011 DC Entertainment.


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