DC Comics in September

Very Soon The World Will Change!

Or not so much. About two weeks ago, DC Comics announced a relaunch of all their mainstream superhero titles. Some things will change, some things will not. The internet exploded into absolute chaos and the rapture came.

I only slightly exaggerate of course.

Fans have begun endless guessing games as to what the DC Universe will look like. The underwear-on-the-outside-of-the-pants on Superman will now be gone (But he is still wearing pants, It’s not that much of a change!) and the Justice Society appears to have vanished from continuity. But will Clark Kent still be married to Lois Lane? If the marriage is gone, I might depart as well.

So, with the relaunch coming, I have to put in my September order next month at my Local Comic Shop (Excalibur Comics! Plug! Plug!).

The List now sits at: Superman, Action Comics (feat. Superman), Supergirl, Superboy, Legion of Superheroes, Legion Lost, Justice League, Justice League International, Animal Man (written by Jeff Lemire! Yay!) and I shall give a try to Stormwatch (which I have no idea what it is about.)

I have been dogpiled on fb because I am dropping Wonder Woman. Brian Azzarello is writing it and that just sends chills down my spine. But I might give it a shot because of the peer pressure. I really wish it was written by Greg Rucka, his was the best Wonder Woman ever.

In september I shall give an update of how these books are shaping up. Hopefully I will not be screaming at my keyboard. Let it be tears of joy!



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