Me Reviewing Apps!

Hello. I’m back to talk about another topic of fascination for me.


More specifically, blackberry apps. Even since I got a bb a couple of months ago, I have been trying out various apps in order to make my life easier. The facebook, twitter, google, dictionary and cineplex apps have proved invaluable. Quick, fast, efficient, good graphics, and ease of use are the hallmarks of all these. The linkedIn app is a bit sluggish, but still gets it done.

Then we hit the weather apps. I naively thought that after being around for so long, every app would be golden. My innate cheapness prevented me from buying an app, so I located two free weather ones. The Weather Network puts out an app, which, quite frankly, sucks. It is difficult to read because of the small font size and the menu activation at the bottom is very wonky. It feels like it was designed for an Iphone with no allowance for the differences of a bb. Note to Weather Network, an Iphone is not a bb. The physics of space on the screen are finite. Please remember this. Instead I opted for, a U.S. company (something my friend James pointed out to me, just to make me feel bad 😉 ) as my app. It is infinitely superior in every way, even with the annoying pop-up ad. Easy to read, easy to use, and, above all, accurate. Advance planning my days are a breeze with this app. Get it? Breeze. Sigh. I need better jokes.

Another problematic one is my quest for finding a shopping list app. Two got downloaded and only one survived. Grocery Guru must have been designed by someone with no clue how to make a shopping list. Sounds like a simple task, does it not? But the opposite of the Weather Network happened here. The final list had way too large of a font which means you will take forever to scroll your list. This is supposed to make my life easier darn’it! Smart Shopping List Lite is my choice. Just like, the app makes everything easier and even includes a bill calculator that makes tracking your expenses more manageable. I haven’t had a chance to use this feature much yet, but I am looking forward to it. Salivating even. Okay, I need a life.

The last app I got was a portable radio one. My goal was to pick-up radio stations on my bb, but the only free one is not even worth mentioning. If anyone can direct me to where to find one it would be greatly appreciated.

Maybe an app exists to get me to write less? Nah, I can go on for hours!


P.S. This is a link to an article about apps I totally disagree with:


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