The Fun and Excitement of DCU Legacies!

I finally got around to reading something really cool.

DCU Legacies is a 10 issue series retelling the modern history of the DC Universe through the eyes of one man. But it’s really a hallmark card to the various and diverse characters, themes and genres that DC has dabbled in over the last 70 years or so.

The story begins in the dirty thirties with one little kid meeting his first “mystery man” and how shortly thereafter he decides to walk the straight and narrow in life. He also begins a life-long fascination with superheroes. As he grows older, he marries, has a child, becomes a cop, and so on. He observes what becomes of the heroes along the way, offering his own commentary, much like a fanboy would.

The history offered up here does not quite match up with the publishing history (John Stewart became Green Lantern before the Crisis) but I can let all that pass (see? I’m not a too crazy of a fanboy). But the last issue gives the story an out, just for protection. Each issue also has a backup story dealing with a different genre in DC history. My favourites were the ones with a reporter (“Scoop” Scanlon, hehe) in the 1930’s trying to explain Dr. Fate away as a “mass hysteria” and the one with the WWII war heroes having a reunion in 1976.

The writer Len Wein does an incredible job weaving the tapestry of the history together. While the artists continue to change based on the time period involved, often with very mixed results, the story holds together. The point here is to get the reader excited for all the characters and concepts DC has in its vault, and for me, it worked. The Haunted Tank finally sounds interesting and Cryll not so useless. I actually feel like picking up an old Our Army At War or Strange Adventures title. I haven’t felt this jazzed about the DCU in years. And if you like Easter Eggs, they you will love scanning each page for a nugget of knowledge. Looks like those countless hours reading and re-reading my original Who’s Who finally paid off.

With the DC Relaunch coming up in September, I’m hoping the childlike excitement this series evokes translates to these new titles. I’m still undecided as to what I will get, but this series make me want to expand my pull list.

And that’s a good thing. Getting excited like a kid again for my comics.


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