The Origin of Scoop’s Mental Propaganda

The masses have been demanding it, so now it shall be told!

Well, actually, I’ve had no demands, but I did promise to tell the tale.

Way back in my first blog entry here at Scoop’s Mental Propaganda, I promised to spill the beans on why I named my blog such. So here it is. Get some popcorn, sit back and enjoy!

Back in the 1990’s I was taking Journalism at Humber College in Toronto, Canada, Earth (for my international and interplanetary readers). In my final year, I was Production Editor for part of the year for the campus newspaper, the Humber Et Cetera. So, I was situated at my desk in the newsroom, and simply decided one day in early september that I thought it would be fun to have a weekly “column”. But just for the newsroom. Only the journalism students and people who wandered in off the street could see it.

So, for about 30 some odd weeks, every monday, I would post a one pager on the Etc’s bulletin board. The majority were short bits, graphically designed to look nice and pretty. A couple were newspaper articles that held my interest. And I got reaction.

Some were loved, some were hated, and some created massive indifference. A couple were stolen and at least two vandalized. Another two students did separate parodies towards the end of the year, but only one was truly funny (imho).

I put them into a binder years ago and took a gander last week. Man, are they dated. In a lot of ways the original SMP were a snaphot of the life and times of journalism, the Etc, and my life. I had always planned to reprint several of them here, but it won’t be a lot. They feel mostly like a curiosity now. A first draft attempt to express myself openly to the public. It’s like reading a novel you wrote when you were 13. Interesting ideas, but wow.

Watch me look back at this version of SMP and say the same things. Yikes to future me.

But to perfectly clear, I am still proud of the original SMP. I was very happy to hit my self imposed deadline every week, and I thought the responses were always interesting. Some of the SMP were actually kinda cool. Cool for me, that is.

But why Scoop’s Mental Propaganda as a title you holler? Okay, maybe not. The “Mental Propaganda” part was a just plain fun name. The “Scoop” part was a nickname I had acquired earlier in J-school. Everyone thought I knew everything. People called me that in the hallways, even some the profs. So Scoops’ Mental Propaganda was born.

Please stop yawning. I didn’t say it was a pulse-pounding excitement of a story, but really interesting. So now you all know the story. My Humber friends who read this will (hopefully) remember the SMP 1.0 fondly and I hope they give me some feedback on my fb page (plug plug).

Now, bravely onto SMP 2.0. Please unfasten your seatbelts and prepare for the journey.




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