Three Random Thoughts…

Some shorter notes for this friday.  Bit sized pieces of fun!

1.  I don’t watch a whole lot of tv for quite awhile now.  If it’s not a complete series on dvd (Friday Night Lights, The Wire), then I usually only view Treme, Dr Who, Torchwood and Batman Brave and the Bold.  I try to find new things, but am frequently disappointed.  The latest casualty is Combat Hospital, which is about a military hospital in Afghanistan.  The show struck me as a knock-off of the CBC Radio drama series Afghanada, which I had only caught a few episodes of (note to CBC, why isn’t this a podcast?) but I liked it.  Combat Hospital not so much. The show strikes me as incredibly uneven, and some of the acting spotty at best.  The Colonel is excellent, as in the triage Doctor, but the main focus, the surgeon Doctor, bores me silly.  Btw, I am very bad at remembering character names, It is a curse I have.  The third episode started with an awful shower scene.  If I was the story editor on a show and someone had submitted that to me, I would have fired the hack.

2.  In may I started watching more anime.  I had not seen one in years, so my first choice was Castle In The Sky, a quest by a young princess to find her ancient floating castle.  The story, characters and world building were amazing.  After mentioning this on fb, people told me to try Spirited Away.  A young, disillusioned girl gets trapped in the spirit world and must save her parents as well.  Oh, and remember her name. Yes, you read that right.  It was slightly slow at first, but once the young girl became fully immersed into the spirit world, the magic flies.  Any suggestions as to my next one?  And yes, I have already seen Akira.

3.  Thankfully this summer I have managed to try something else different.  A couple of times I actually ventured outside to read.  This has shocked my wife.  She says I act like fresh air is bad for me, like I’m allergic to sunshine, which I am not.  Sitting out front, in the shade, is quite refreshing.  And reading is quite refreshing as well.  I leave the blackberry inside on mute.  Unplugged from the online, plugged into the print.

So, three short bursts of SMP today.  A timbit of me, as it were.



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