Three More Random Thoughts…

Another bunch of shorter notes, this time midweek.  More bit sized pieces of fun and merriment!

1.  Right now, I have about 100 books I have never read.  Some have been in my possession for almost 20 years and they are all types and genres.  Until recently, every kind of book had been consumed by me.  Two years ago I finally managed to read a romance, which was not a bad as people think, but I still do not plan to read another one.  Once I clear the backlog beside the bed, I shall venture back downstairs to the bookshelves and pick something out.  And I have no idea what it will be.  Kinda exciting and kinda scary.

2.  Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind was my July anime choice.  I was not impressed.  The story was about the earth being a wasteland in the future and how one Princess’s adventures save the world.  The Princess was the only thing that held my interest, other than that, the whole thing was a wash.  I was surprised this was one of the features Disney dubbed over and released over here.  And Captain Picard sounded like he was sleeping through his line readings.

3.  I really do not understand how the Primetime Emmies did not give a single nomination to Treme.  The HBO show is about people trying to rebuild their lives in New Orleans after Katrina.  It is simply one of the best dramas on television with an excellent ensemble cast.  Yes, this season wasn’t as good as last, and the finale not as powerful, but come on!  A tribute reel of Antoine not paying for his cab rides should get an Emmy all by itself.  Maybe the cast needs more swords?

So, three mini bursts of SMP today.  A morsel, as it were.  Only two are grouchy!



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