The Legion Of Substitute Podcasters, The Future Is Now!

Because of the fun and excitement of the upcoming FanExpo (August 25th to 28th, 2011) I will be a bit more Geeky now (a bit?).

So, let your inner fanboy loose and your backbone slide!!

One of my favourite shows is the Legion of Substitute Podcasters who every week chat about the Legion of Super Heroes.  The LSH is a DC Comic which started as a Superboy spin-off way back in the 1950’s and has gone through several high and low points over the decades, leading to multiple relaunches.  Way too many relaunches for its fans.  I began reading the LSH in the early 1980’s during the infamous Reflecto Saga (please ignore) which quickly led to The Great Darkness Saga (please read).  I have left the book a few times, but I am currently reading it with great pleasure.  And, oh yes, the comic also takes place  a 1,000 years into the future.  Give or take a day.

While I am a fan, The LOSP people are fans in a whole other multi-verse or even time period.  Paul French, whose secret identity is publicly known, leads the LOSP in their reviews and discussions every week.  Scott Coles, one very Filthy McMonkey, brings the best french accent ever.  Darren Nowell, who owns the best Rainbow Cloak, gives bbq’ing tips all the time.  And Matt Kramer, a second cousin to Darth Kramer and Darth Vader, tells us which famous person he now knows.  Together they are unstoppable in their devotion to the LSH, which makes Geek Nirvana for listeners like me.

I have met and become friends with Paul and Scott and can’t wait to see them again at FanExpo.  I found out Paul likes Infantino artwork, which makes me question his sanity.  I am also desperately hoping my shirt will be louder than Scott’s, but will admit abject failure again and again.  This year I understand Matt is coming up for a visit, so I eagerly anticipate asking him if he thinks Tom DeFalco is a real writer.  My DeFalco hate is almost matched by my Infantino hate.  Thankfully neither worked on the LSH.  Oh wait, Infantino did.  Damn.

Good times will be had by all.  And I can’t wait.


P.S.  You can subscribe to The LOSP through iTunes (and it’s free!!) and check out their website at

P.P.S. All images are copyright DC Comics 2011.


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2 Responses to The Legion Of Substitute Podcasters, The Future Is Now!

  1. Murray Fox says:

    What the heck do you mean *ignore* the Reflecto Saga???? Them’s fighting words, dude! Now I can’t fault you for disliking Infantino on the Legion… but really, that was later Infantino. I quite like early Infantino (like on Flash). Just like I like silver age Curt Swan, but really don’t like any of his bronze age work.

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