My journey to find a QR Code Scanner…

Where oh where can I find a good QR Code Scanner?  This is perplexing me!

For the past year Quick Response Codes have become more prevalent in various aspects of society.  Newspapers and magazines are using the concept with even more increasing frequency, which piqued my interest.

So, holding my trusty Blackberry Curve in hand, I downloaded my first QR Code reader app.  Off I went to scan my first QR Code (I had collected several of them for fun) and eagerly awaited the result.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zip.  Zilch.  Boy was I ticked off.  My thought was this should be a simple point and click exercise, an afterthought at the end of my day.

So the delete key was hit and my next download commenced.  And that app drained my battery to one bar.  Profound swearing followed leading up to another deletion.  This should not be this difficult.  This was unfathomable to me, why was this becoming a marathon of frustration?

A third attempt resulted in a quasi-winner.  Barcode Assistant was the one and only app that even worked.  And that was only fifty percent of the time.  Success was mine!  A joyful happy dance ensued.

The sad part?  A zealous jig came about because it worked half the time.  Half.

My amazement is also compounded by my search for a free radio app.  Still looking.  Someday my quest will end.  And I will be happy.

The chorus of netizens  shouting “Get A Life” is deafening.



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