My New 52, DC and Me

It’s coming.

This September, DC Comics The New 52 will be upon us.  The massive, internet-cracking, relaunch of the entire DC Universe of Super Heroes will unleash itself onto an awaiting public.

My hyperbole is only outmatched by my hyperbole.

I put my order in at my Local Comic Shop (Excalibur Comics, plug, plug) last month, after much thinking and fb debate.  So, with much fanfare, here is my pull list for September.

Superman.  This really ticked me off.  The marriage is gone.  It never happened.  I can not say here what I think of this awful idea, it would involve to many bleeps.  I rallied against this in my previous blog post and created a fb page to ferment opposition. It was to no avail.  I am a life long Superman fan so I will still procure Superman and Action Comics.  That weeping you hear in September is mine.  I shall hold a candlelight vigil soon.

Superman encompasses the Supergirl and Superboy books as well.  Holding my nose when reading these.  Sigh.

Relatively untouched in the new relaunch is a title I’ve been reading for almost forever.  Legion of Super-Heroes has been hit hard by past reboots, but now they are leaving it alone.  Thank you!  Legion Lost is a new spin-off with a questionable writer, so we will see how this works out.

One of Canada’s greatest writers is Jeff Lemire.  He is now writing Animal Man.  No one has gotten the character right since Grant Morrison.  This is a match made in heaven.  I cannot wait.

Justice League is something I have picked up on and off for decades, and I’m hoping this new book will be far better then the mess the current JL series is.  Justice League International should be interesting to see if the humour of the 1980’s series is recaptured.  I kinda doubt it.

Wonder Woman is another series I have read intermittently over time, and this new version does not thrill me in the slightest.  Brian Azzarello is a writer who makes me want to shove nails in my head instead of reading his dreck, but I was pestered on fb to at least give it a try.  Please, just bring Greg Rucka back.  Pretty please?

For historical value, Batgirl is also on my list.  Over 20 years ago, Barbara Gordon a.k.a. Batgirl was paralyzed when the Joker shot her.  Now she’s better.  Everyone is interested to see how this trick was pulled off, including me.

How this will work is what also draws me to my next pick, Stormwatch.  My knowledge of this book is zero, but when it came to my attention that two of the main heroes were a gay couple, I was interested.  Would DC have the courage to do this book right?  Or would it end in disaster?  Paging As The World Turns.

Not everything will survive my pull list in the coming months.  Batgirl will stay for a few months, as will Wonder Woman.  Other series might make my list after September, like Demon Knights because the writer Paul Cornell did an excellent job on Action Comics this past year.  And Mister Terrific since the character is amazing, but the writer leaves me wanting.

Despite my misgivings with some of the changes, I sincerely hope DC has much success with this relaunch.  They are planning a massive promotional campaign which every geek is pinning our future on.  Comics have been in a downward slide for years, and this radical rethink just might be what the industry needs.  Also, DC has tackled the problem of diversity in the books.  Multi-racial and homosexual characters are featured prominently throughout the line, and I applaud DC for this.

It’s almost here!

Next month, DC Comics The New 52 will be here.  We will all see the immense reboot of the DC Super Heroes, and squeal with unbridled elation.  Frenzied discussions will smash the fragile internet.

My excitement is only outmatched by my excitement.


P.S. All images are copyright 2011 DC Entertainment.


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