Three Completely Random Thoughts: FanExpo Edition!!

A bunch of tiny bits of excitement, something to end the week with!

1.  Coming up at the end of August is the annual Geek Pilgrimage called FanExpo Canada!  I have been going to this since time immemorial and every year it gets better and better.  The circle of fanboys and fangirls I meet increase all the time, with each person bringing something new to the table.  Also, the Godfathers who guide us all, the Comic Geek Speak podcast group are coming up again this year.  The amazing Deemer and the fantastic Pants will be joined by the swanky Jamie D and the irrepressible Murd.  I shall be trading Pufnstuff trivia with them.  Yes, that is how we roll.  My peeps from the Legion of Substitute Podcasters and the Doom Podtrol will also be representing.  Filthy McMonkey, I still owe you a backhand for that brutal beatdown you gave me last year.  All because I said I liked Star Trek Enterprise.  Some people!

2.  Right smack in the middle of FanExpo, they are bringing Dr Who back.  Partying all weekend long with Geeks is busying enough, now I have to carve out 45 minutes to see Matt Smith wearing a fez?  I have a bad feeling I won’t be able to see the good Doctor until after FanExpo is over with, which means I will have to dodge Spoilers like grenades all Sunday.  This will take a tremendous effort, meaning my exhaustion will only be matched by my exhaustion come monday.  The price you must pay to be a Geek!

3.  Every year I acquire another toy for my impressive collection.  Last time, whilst at a certain booth I saw a Finding Nemo doll.  I did not pick it up.  I figured I would get it later.  I was so terribly wrong.  I came back later and it was gone.  I shed tears and wept.  I had shamed myself for generations.  Okay, maybe it wasn’t that bad, but still I was not a happy camper.  Many moons before, I had the opportunity to pick up one of the original Transformers, Omega Supreme.  It was still in the box and it was $10.  I didn’t get it and evidentially I have still not learned my lesson.  This year shall be different.  My Spidey-sense will kick in and prevent me from doing something stupid again.  I hope.  Cross fingers.  And toes.

Three sterling chunks of SMP for the end of the day.  Geekiness layered with Geekiness.  My Superman shirt is already out and pressed, waiting to fly!


P.S.  FanExpo Canada logo is copyright 2011 HobbyStar Entertainment.


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