Scoops FanExpo Adventures!!!

So, another year, another FanExpo.

And Dan DiDio’s leg is heavy.

Every year is different for me.  Many years ago I was obsessed with acquiring a complete set of prized Lord of the Rings action figures.  I got them!  Another time I was giddy as a school boy to meet the gents of Comic Geek Speak.  It was unforgettable!  Most times I don’t touch Dan DiDio’s leg.  This year I did.  Not that I wanted to…

This year presented a whole new set of memories, and now, in no particular order are those moments of lucid excitement.  Some of which are actually real.

Always start off FanExpo the right way with a visit to the Comic Geek Speak booth.  Great to see Deemer (Loki to his friends) and Brian again (Pants to the great unwashed), and now I have finally been graced with the presence of the incredible Jamie D (Dude!!!!!) and the amazing Murd.  Had a great conversation with Murd while wandering the con floor, with topics ranging from PufnStuff to Phineas and Ferb.  Always illuminating.  Hey Murd, whatchadoing?

Got to see old friends the Legion of Subs again.  Paul is the Godfather of Canadian Geeks and Scott always beats me in LOUDEST shirt contest.  The contest is only in my mind, but still.  Carla, Scott’s better half, had the best Steampunk costume ever.  And for once their kids did not beat me up.  The cheque is in the mail.

All through the weekend a smattering of old friends wandered around, and with planning and luck I managed to bump into all of them.  Paulo, Cam, Phillipe, Mikel, Murray, Kevin (look what I got for a dollar!), and Mathew are amazing as usual.  New friends Dave, Jaak, Phillipe’s sister, and Jane made the nighttime festivities a blast.  I might have forgotten someone, but I hope not!

Saturday was spent remeeting a new friend fullhoney1.  She was loving every second of her first FanExpo and she even made a YouTube video of meeting Tom Felton (aka Draco Malfoy of Harry Potter fame).  Check out fullhoney1 on YouTube to see her incredible journey.  You will not be disappointed.

While awaiting her arrival at the CGS booth (Best. Rendezvous. Spot. Ever.) I had the unique pleasure of accidentally meeting The Hogwarts ThreeAlex, Sammi and Marlene were dressed as students of that illustrious institution and were most fascinating individuals.  And Happy Birthday Sammi!  A side note to Marlene and Alex, how do you stand her Smelly Feet?  And Marlene, I vow to never forget your name again!

Friday brought about a long wished for encounter.  World famous author Nikki Stafford was at the ECW Press booth all weekend long.  My entire run of Finding Lost books, excellent guidebooks to an excellent series, now feature her autographs.  Nikki also does the best inscriptions ever!  Thank you so much Nikki!  Check out her blog, Nik at Nite and read her Buffy rewatch entries.  Most excellent!

Sunday was Gwen day.  Ancient friend James and daughter Gwen came for their second FanExpo.  Gwen loves artist alley and she has made me grow to appreciate the area as well.  She is also great for sniffing out deals for me.  Thanks Gwen and Happy Belated Birthday!

Unfortunately, not every friend could make FanExpo this year.  Matt and Darren from the Legion of Subs didn’t make it into town (sob!) and not all of the CGS crew either.  I tried to get Elizabeth and Tessa to come, but it didn’t happen (sad face).  Next year!  Also add Rebecca to that list!  Missed seeing Ainslie (Oxford comma) on Saturday darnit!  The good news, at the last minute, old friend Ashley managed to come and I met her cool cousins.  Great to see you again Ashley!  Pikachu!!

My annual stalking of DC Comics Dan DiDio resulted in a rather strange picture of the two of us.  Don’t ask.  It was his idea.  I voiced hope for the relaunch, but still complained about the disappearance of the Superman Marriage.  While my internet campaign proved futile, I still remain a hopeless romantic and see a wedding down the line.

My exploits were chronicled all over my twitter account (Scoopriches, plug, plug) with numerous pics and multiple pithy comments by moi.  Adorned on my outfit was a nametag with Scoopriches written on it (my penmanship is remarkable!) so that anyone could see themselves online.  No one can ever see themselves online these days!

The adventures that weekend were numerous and the exploits were, wait for it, LEGENDARY!!  Many great reunions followed by many great meetings.  Facebook friend requests piled in during and afterwards.  Every year it gets better and better and better.  Most amazing time.  Next year?  Even better!

I just gotta find a Perry the Platypus shirt.


P.S.  On Saturday I found the Toronto Star reporter.  She was in disguise!  Most Cool.

P.P.S.  FanExpo next year is on August 23-26.  Hope to see you their!

P.P.P.S.  Sorry for the blurry picture.  Dan’s leg is heavy.  Had Paulo take pic quickly.


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