Comic Geek Speak: The Godfathers of Geekery!!!!!

These Dudes are the Godfathers of Geek.

They have done over 1,000 episodes over the past five years.  Untold legions listen every week.  Countless debates have been stirred by their musings and exploits.  People travel from far and wide for their appearances.  They are the impetus for much Geekery.

And I love every minute of it!

Comic Geek Speak is a podcast all about the exciting and enticing world of Geekiness.  The CGS crew started their show over five years ago and now tally well over 1,000 episodes.  I have listened to them all.  Multiple episodes are released every week with topics ranging from “The History of Marvel Comics in the 1960’s” to a “Sin City Movie Review”.  Call-in shows about the Lost finale and The DC Relaunch are must events for CGS fans.  Numerous spin-offs have appeared over the years, all interesting and covering a different niche.  World Of Toys is about toys.  Jamie’s Essentials is an indepth history of certain comics.  All are fascinating.

The Geeks who make up CGS are many and varied.  Bryan Deemer is the technical guru who co-founded the show and is an early adopter of new technology.  Brian Cristman (Pants to the CGS masses) is the comedian unparalleled.  Jamie D is the Man who always Speaks his Mind.  Adam “Murd” Murdough is a walking encyclopedia of all things Geekiness.  Shane has more toys than the law allows.  Matt knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men.  Mike know movies, both good and bad.  Peter Rios is another co-founder and is now retired from CGS.  Everyone misses him and wish him well.  Kevin is the long absent Geek who pops in for the occasional rare appearence, a must-have collectible episode!  These are all generalizations of all these great Geeks, but any one of them I could easily fill a Scoops Mental Propaganda post about.

CGS have broken news, interviewed the greats (Stan The Man Lee!!!) and endlessly promoted new and emerging talent.  The Book of the Month Club expands your horizons with interesting reads you may have never noticed.  I picked up JacquesTardi’s It Was The War of the Trenches and expanded my knowledge about World War I.  And the discussion afterwards illuminated my thoughts even more.  Every year CGS embarks on their annual Supershow, a Geek pilgrimage only rivalled by San Diego and FanExpo.  I have yet to go.  Some day, some day!

Three years ago the CGS crew made the long journey to Canada’s FanExpo and I finally had the chance to meet them.  It was a joyous experience and led to several new connections.  Every year another gathering of Geekers from CGS graced us with their presence.  And every year was more exciting than the last.  This year was no different.  From hanging out with the amazing Brian, who is so very nice, to chilling with Adam, who provided remarkable insight about Phineas and Ferb.  Brian wowed my friend with his technical knowledge and Jamie D found the best Scarlet Witch at the con.

More and more episodes show up all the time.  My iTunes fills with their Geekery non-stop.  My iPod soothes my ears with news, reviews, opinions and soothsaying from the CGS crew.  Infinite coolness constantly coming at you.

The Godfathers of Comic Geek Speak .  I am proud to be part of their posse.  Geek On!


P.S.  Comic Geek Speak logo is copyright 2011 Comic Geek Speak.


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