Three Random Thoughts of Me

Just for Thanksgiving, another grouping of thoughts of me.  Enjoy!

1.  My wife complained and nagged me that all the books I was reviewing here were written decades ago, ones I had read and re-read multiple times.  She asked, nay, demanded that I read and review something from this century.  After much discussion, she told me to get The Hunger Games for her to consume.  So I toddle off, bring her the book, and then told I am to consume it instead.  Long story short (too late), The Hunger Games was picked for me.  But, if you read my musings on it, you would say The Hunger Games picked me instead.  Runner up was The Art of Racing in the Rain, suggested by my good friend Victoria.  But it was an older book.  Darn it.

2.  The universe seemed sadder the last few days with the news of the inevitable passing of Steve Jobs.  His accomplishments were numerous and legendary, also well documented in the media.  Many highs and lows filled his life both in the personal and business spheres, all seen in an excellent cable movie I viewed years ago.  Pirates of Silicon Valley brought to life the story of Steve Jobs and Bill Gate’s pasts, seeing the all to human follies of both men.  History is sometimes written in messy gibberish and this movie greatly illustrates that.  I saw Steve Jobs as a person, a truly brilliant, maddening individual, because of this film.  Goodbye Steven, we miss you.

3.  Over the past few months of writing Scoops Mental Propaganda, I have noticed a change in the style, content and feel of everything.  My doing a blog became interesting since I was waking a long dormant muscle in my mind.  Thinking of topics, visualizing the approach. then realizing the process, have been very enlightening.  And trying to avoid cliches like mad.  Scoops Mental Propaganda has been an ongoing journey, one I have been greatly enjoying.  Ray Bradbury and Stephen King were right.  Writing has to come out of you.

I hope you like this batch of SMP for today.  Feel free to pass on the link to SMP to others, especially fans of fun and merriment!

Thank you for your time and feedback and please visit the Scoops Mental Propaganda page on facebook.  And have a Happy Thanksgiving!



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Married to beautiful wife. Always learning a ton of stuff. Geek with too much useless knowledge. fb page:!/pages/Scoops-Mental-Propaganda/192314550819647 twitter & twitpic: Scoopriches AboutMe Page: This site is an @Scoopriches production
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