Three Random Thoughts for October!

End of October! Time for another critically acclaimed (???) three random thoughts!

The Great!

1. So, let us start with something really cool. Just a few days ago this blog had its 1,000 hit. First off, Thank You Everyone. It’s always amazing the feedback I keep getting from people, some of whom I do not know, and some of whom I know but have never met, and some from friends as well. Everyday is different and every post brings new surprises. Learning is a constant journey here. And next week, my horizon will be expanded yet again thanks to SMP. On Saturday, November 5th, the Ontario Blog Squad will be hosting a Book Blogger Meet-up. Check them out @BlogOntario on twitter. Can’t wait to be amazed!

The Good!

2. My anime pick for October was Princess Mononoke, generously loaned to me by my brother. A young Prince from an ancient village is infected with a curse by a dying God. He then has to go on a quest to be cured by other woodland Gods, which drops him into a the middle of a conflict involving the Emperor, another village, and those same Gods. It feels a bit long, but the climax is very suspenseful. Claire Danes, from My-So-Called-Life, plays the woodland Princess, but she sounds way too much like the same character from that show. Fantasy God Neil Gaiman provides the adaptation script, which means it will blow your mind. Greatly.

The Awful!

3. Finally got around to watching Green Lantern. What a waste. As I wrote on twitter, bad script, bad acting, and bad fx, was all on display from this mess. This is the best DC can do? I was bored senseless within five minutes. So many wrong choices are evident throughout, it is simply astonishing. And with apologies to my wife and to my friend Alex, Ryan Reynolds is an embarrassment to acting.

So that is it for now, and I hope you like my missive for today. And a Thank You again for all of you reading this. And to @rebeccahh95, I KNOW you can do this too!

Happy Hallowe’en Everyone!!



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