Three Random Thoughts – Geeks!

Time for another deluge of some randomness from me!  Geek Edition!!

1.  So, I finally saw Thor.  This is, by far and wide, better than Green Lantern (what isn’t?) and is a very good adaptation of the comic to screen.  Yes, the whole science in Asgard was annoying, but it didn’t totally take me out of the story.  The ending felt somewhat clunky and non-sensical, but darn, was it fun!  Thor is arrogant.  Odin is a jerk.  And Loki is misunderstood evil.  Could have done with less of the Midgard (er, Earth) misadventures, but at least the Frost Giants were scary.  Solid B.

2.  Now onto Captain America.  Now this is a movie!  A very faithful adaptation of the comic that actually feels like it is the 1940’s.  Unlike the aforementioned Green Lantern, they really sell it to us, make it feel real.  And Chris Evans is Captain America.  This man has impressed me here and in Scott Pilgrim, something I never believed was possible after the debacle of the Fantastic Four movies.  One minor tiny quibble about the small changes to his backstory, but I can live with it.  Solid A for America!


3.  Neon Genesis Evangelion was my November anime pick.  And I had a problem right away.  This movie was actually a collection of highlights from the television show, resulting in a very choppy, uneven viewing.  The story is about some creatures attacking the Earth, and these teens being melded to machines in order to fight them.  Interestingly, the movie majorly focuses on the characters and their relationships, not on the battles.  Love, hate, sex, and betrayal are prominently featured throughout.  And the ending is a violent resolution to the series, or is it?  Questions still abound.  My interest in what I could follow have me looking at the regular series for possible viewing.  A darn good B.

So, three flashes of brilliant Geekiness for today!  Hope you enjoy!


P.S.  Thor and Captain America is copyright 2011 by Marvel Entertainment.  Neon Genesis Evangelion logo is copyright 1995 by Gainax.



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