Three Random Thoughts – Nerds

Time for yet another downpour of random randomness from me.  Nerds Edition.

1.  Last week I had a great time going to the first annual Ontario Blog Squad meet-up.  Over thirty young ladies and one lone old man (me!) spent an afternoon discussing books, blogs, and bacon.  Okay, I made the bacon part up.  Great grab bags were distributed and wonderful prizes were to be won.  Even yours truly snagged a cool book with a winning ticket.  I met tons of new people, causing my twitter list to overflow.  The organizers did a bang up job creating this event, and many thanks to the publishers for all the freebies.  Check them out at my links on the right side of this entry.

2.  Went to my first ever GillerLight event for the Giller Prize.  Every year the best Canadian book is chosen in a gala ceremony and the GillerLight is the informal side get together.  Had a great time hanging out with several friends and not winning the charity raffle (sob).  Multiple great conversations occurred throughout the night and cannot wait to see everyone again.  And just before ten the crowd went wild when the winner was announced.  Half Blood Blues by Esi Edugyan was declared the victor, and now she gets to enjoy the massive sales jump her win will trigger.  Good for her!

3.  Recently I was scanning my bookshelves and I realized another purge may be near.  Books that I have owned for decades still sit untouched.  Over three hundred books adorn my shelves, while some are decorating the floor.  Just over half I have consumed.  Proud as I am of my collection, I do not even want to calculate how long it would take me to read them all.  Eeek!  But then again, I might just decide to ignore the problem entirely.  That might work.  Okay, plan is now set.

Another three pearls of wisdom from my pen (pen?) that everyone can rejoice when reading.  Hope to hear from you soon on Scoopsmentalpropaganda’s facebook page, whose link is located conveniently to the right.  Thanks for reading!


P.S.  Ontario Blog Squad logo is copyright 2011 by them.  Half Blood Blues is by Esi Edugyan and is copyright 2011.  It is published by Thomas Allen.  Cover copyright 2011 by Thomas Allen.  Scotiabank Giller Prize logo is copyright 2011 by them.


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2 Responses to Three Random Thoughts – Nerds

  1. Amanda says:

    I would have loved to go! So glad you had fun!!!

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