Freaky Freaks on Two True Freaks!!

Off colour, Uncouth, Thoughtful, Insane, Brilliant, Wild, Introspective, And Definitely Not Safe For Work.

And I need many more thoughts to adequately describe what I think of the Two True Freaks podcast.  I discovered this show some years ago and have listened to every episode, of all types and genres, some more then once.

Two True Freaks is the brainchild of Scott and Chris, who with several guest hosts over time, have covered all aspects of geek culture of today and yesteryear.  Topics covered in incredible detail include Harry Potter, Logans Run, and Monster Squad.  With mind-crushing minutia (yay!) and over the top humour (yay again!) you will feel your brain expand.  And the hosts are so welcoming to their fans, actively inviting participation and debate.  You get to know so much about Chris (he knew Oprah! Maybe!) and Scott (was once on Survivor!  Kinda!) that these Freaks become friends.  Even in disagreements (Scott hates writer Grant Morrison, I am hit and miss) you feel camaraderie with them.  And Chris brings his considerable Photoshop skills to each episodes logo, creating amazing murals.

The show, owned by the monolithic DiManziCorp (represented by the law firm of Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe), has multiple branches as well.

First up is Comics Monthly Monday, which is co-hosted by Michael (who is not on enough podcasts), that engages in discussions of all sorts of comics goodness.  These episodes also showcase indepth segments on The Walking Dead comics, a series I have zero interest in, but still listen to.  A companion show is Tales of the Justice Society of America, focusing on the classic 1940’s superhero team, with great historical notes.

Star Wars Monthly Mondays and Star Trek Monthly Mondays cover those franchises with intense vigour.  Discussions of the movies, television shows, books, and the Star Wars Christmas Special (google it) abound.  More detail then your brain can handle about Kirk and Chewbacca are explored by the Freaks.

Anime and Hetalia and all sorts of other topics are represented by Hope Of All Trades.  Areas I had very little exposure to were explained to me by Hope, the host, who brings a much appreciated female perspective to the proceedings.  And now I understand Anime a whole lot better!

Other pods, of no less importance, are also interesting.  Even if the topic is not always something dear to your heart, the energy and verve of the interaction informs the listener.  The Vault of Startling Monster Horror Tales of Terror is about movies too scary for me.  Five Minute Freak and The Media Masochist are short reviews of current films and topics, some causing me to thankfully save money.  Scott’s solo show, Death and the Acrid Smell of Gunsmoke: a Jonah Hex podcast, is his very serious and insightful look at the old west character.  His love for the material is evident throughout, you can feel it.  The show that is always a mixed bag is Back To The Bins, which is random reviews of old comics, or Scott’s thoughts on Superman, but every time it is appealing.

The Freaks on Two True Freaks provide hours of enjoyment and knowledge all the time.  I am glad I discovered their show years ago and eagerly await new episodes.  Get to know Scott and Chris, you will not be disappointed.


P.S.  Two True Freaks logos are copyright to them, 2011.

P.P.S.  You can subscribe to Two True Freaks through iTunes and at  You can discuss the show at and on the Two True Freaks facebook page.

P.P.P.S.  A warning for the faint of heart, the majority of shows are R rated due to language, content, and very off-colour humour.  Not Safe For Work or those easily offended.

P.P.P.P.S.  I even met a friend through Two True Freaks!  A really cool dude!  Hi!!


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