Excalibur Comics, The Greatest Comics Shop Ever


Every month I make a joyful trek to get some geeky goodness.  Smiling, happy me zips along all day, awaiting the moment I can cross the threshold of The Greatest Comics Shop Ever.

Excalibur Comics is my go to jaunt for excitement of the four colour variety.  And Rob, the owner, is the most excellent and nicest shopkeeper any geek could ask for.

I began frequenting Excalibur Comics almost since the beginning.  First opening in October 1987, I vividly recall picking up my prized copy of Wonder Woman #1 (the Perez one) and being enthralled.  Over the years, the back issue bins were scoured by me, causing copious amounts to be purchased.  And some I have even read.  Also, my monthly fix of comics are readily supplied by Rob.  Happiness in all it’s glory.

Excalibur Comics carries all sorts of current publications, besides the output of DC Comics and Marvel.  Various independent comics and magazines also grace the shelves.  Rob features a sizable inventory of classic older comics, some going back decades.  Man From Uncle sits beside Batman, all under glass and sporting more upscale price tags.  For those preferring to pour over longboxes looking for deals, Rob has a side room full of comics on special.  The input of new deals entering this room is constant, which makes every monthly visit a twist with a surprise.  With quite a few of these longboxes left for Rob to sort through, many going back years and years, golden nuggets of geekery are awaiting.

Besides comics, graphic novels, and manga, Excalibur Comics has a collection of cards of all sorts for all types.  Many toys, games and other trinkets adorn the shelves as well.  My Blackest Night Superman figure came home with me one day after a trip to Rob’s.  Plenty of cool items are always popping up as older boxes in storage are unearthed.

The excitement of each visit is made all the more cheerful by Rob.  His ready smile is only topped by his warm demeanor, making you feel welcome and home.  He provides a respite from the travails of dealing with the uncultured masses.  Readers of all stripes are welcome inside.  Just bring your imagination and Rob will provide the wondrous magic.

This place of greatness which is Excalibur Comics is very dear to me and many other local geeks.  The comics industry has been going through a flux for the past few years, especially after the glut of the 1990’s.  Many great comic shops have been reorganizing, and Rob’s is no exception.  Several months ago he consolidated everything into the upstairs store and has been clearing items out of storage.  My new favourite is an almost full size Yoda figurine.  Whiny Luke not included.  Pleasures at the cool newly found items happen all the time, making my monthly trips for just released comics always interesting.

Excalibur Comics, led boldly by Rob, has been a hallmark of my geek existence for almost as long as I have had a geek existence.  My life is scheduled constantly upon making another return trip, not only for the new books and great older stuff, but the great conversations.  And seeing Rob.

Another trip to wonderment is coming soon for me.  Hope to geek out with you there.


P.S.  Excalibur Comics is located at:
3030 Bloor  Street West,
on the second floor, right next to The Kingsway Theatre.
The closest TTC station is Royal York.
Hours of operation:
Wednesday 12-7
Friday 12-9
Saturday 10-6


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