Three Random Thoughts – Catching Up

Time to play catch up with yet more random thoughts.  Hold on as we journey to the present day.

1.  The ladies of the Ontario Blog Squad have been incredibly influential on my life currently.  Between working and studying and sleeping, they manage to read an unnatural amount of books.  And then review them.  Even though I managed to absorb The Hunger Games Trilogy all in October, my reading has been lessened since.  One of the ladies (@TheLadyCritic on twitter) managed 125 volumes this year alone.  That beats me by well over 100.  Also, another (@JustALilLost on twitter) gave a luke-warm recommendation to something I was seriously considering reading.  Much thanks for the saving of my time.  The realization that my intake of quality reads has to increase is refreshing.  And these ladies are very inspirational.

2.  Catching up with certain tasks have not been too difficult.  With my new born fanaticism for all things Hunger Games related, I have began listening in massive doses to podcasts related to the books.  Thankfully most do not have a lot of episodes, so I have already caught up with several of them.  With the release of the movie trailer and the endless analysis of it, my fever for this series is massing.  And not once have I witnessed all the tie-in books already out.  Where are they?  My anticipation for when the theaters will be bustling with The Hunger Games amazement is overwhelming.  March cannot come soon enough!  Why yes, I am excited, why do you ask?

3.  Way back in mid October I attended Wellesworth’s Junior School 50th Anniversary celebration (and wrote about it).  Walking around my old school, seeing all the rooms showcasing different decades, and having my old Ani-Mulls (made in grade three!) on display was exciting.  Twice in the hallway I bumped into some of my former teachers.  Mrs. Thomson (grade three!) was in attendance in full force and I was finally taller than her.  Mrs Ivens (grade five) and I only managed a brief encounter before she had to leave early.  In the midst of all this, several classmates showed up and we became reacquainted.  Gossip from long ago was traded and stories of who was where flowed.  In a few years, the middle school reunion will occur, and even more interesting times will be had.  And hopefully I will make that school’s anniversary dvd as well.

So, we are now caught up with the excitement of my life and times.  As a last public service announcement, Scoops Mental Propaganda has a facebook page, just waiting for you to hit like to.  Thanks for reading and hope to hear from everyone soon on the excitement of facebook.


P.S.  This is my 42 nd post on Scoops Mental Propaganda.  I now know the secret of life, the universe, and everything.


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