Another Taste Of The Original Scoops Mental Propaganda

As another early Christmas present for my devoted audience, here is yet another taste of the original Scoops Mental Propaganda.  So sit back and relax as Version 2.0 of SMP showcases the Beta phase.

Number 16 is at the top of the pile this time.  This quote (and sorry for the bad scan, this one just would not go in properly) always intrigued me and I wanted to spread the thought.  Many people in the newsroom talked about the sentiment and my Editor-in-Chief requested  a personal copy.  Imagine if this was the mantra in every politicians office?

Getting done what has to be done, when it has to be done.  That was the extremely direct point of this idea in number 24.  And a concept that we all struggle with everyday.  Huxley said this pearl of wisdom, and I posted it, before the invention of the internet.  Focus is still elusive, time wasters abound.  Once again, someone complained about incorrect information, but no, this was not an Einstein quote.

Canada received representation with number 26.  Marshall McLuhan has provided countless quotes to stimulate the brain cells with, but this gem was my favourite.  Theorists often wonder what McLuhan would ponder of our current age, and I join them in that question.  Several of the editors engaged in a debate with a Professor for a couple of minutes about this concept, with the general agreement that McLuhan was a wise man.

So three more relics from the archives of SMP.  Now you have a general idea of the mischief I entertained back then.  What future entanglements this generation of SMP brings should be interesting.

Lets see what happens!



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