Three Random Thoughts – Having A Hunger Games Christmas!

Just before Christmas gets into full crazy swing, I wanna throw out to you one more Three Random Thoughts, this time all about Christmas.  And what says Christmas more than The Hunger Games!!  (Umm, okay?)

Me and The Hunger Games Box Set

When my wife asked me what I wanted from Santa, I told her The Hunger Games Trilogy Box Set.  So we toddled off to our local Chapters and acquired it.  But she won’t let me open my precious until the morning of December 25th.  Cue the sad music and the long face.  My endless fondling of the wrapped present has annoyed her to no end.  But soon it shall be mine!  Cue the maniacal laughter.

Me and The Hunger Games Companion. Thanks Sarah!

As part of the Winter Holiday Book Blogger Exchange organized by Gwenythlove, Sarah from WorkadayReads sent me a most excellent Secret Santa gift.  I received The Hunger Games Companion by Lois Gresh, which will soon be sitting proudly on my bookshelf next to the aforementioned Box Set.  This will be the start of the deluge of Hunger Games items coming out before the movie release on March 23rd.  If you haven’t yet, read the trilogy, then mark your calendar.  Much amazement will follow.  And thank you Sarah for the gift!

The Wiches Daughter by Paula Brackston for Sarah.

As for what I sent Sarah in our exchange, she received The Witches Daughter by Paula Brackston.  She had an extremely comprehensive and lengthy list on Goodreads.  This was compared to my non-existent, then just paltry list on Goodreads.  Unfortunately the first thirty or so items on her list were not available at my local Chapters, but I persevered and managed to complete my mission.  Whew!  (And yes, I know this isn’t a Hunger Games related post, so sue me.  Or go eat some berries.)

You know, I really should not have drank all that Coke before writing this.  But still a fun bunch of thoughts!

Remember to read The Hunger Games!

And more importantly, Merry Christmas!



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2 Responses to Three Random Thoughts – Having A Hunger Games Christmas!

  1. Hunger Games says:

    God bless you family , good article , I love the Hunger Games , bought the trilogy and a t-shirt with it , can’t wait for the film to come out.

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