Three Random Thoughts – Happy New Year!

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year!  I’m back with my first (and so far, best) post of 2012, hoping to entertain, inform and delight you.  And if I am wrong, you can have a full refund.  And that is an old internet joke.

With this New Year still fresh in our minds, what better time to announce some of the future plans for Scoops Mental Propaganda.  Which is too say, plans are afoot for the coming months, but I can’t tell you (he he he).  Two big events (for me) are in the development stage, and I hope to unleash them upon you very very soon.  Sorry to be so vague, cryptic, obscure, latent, concealed, secret, and veiled.  Why yes, I do have a thesaurus on my Blackberry, why do you ask?

New Year also brings about an annual event I figured everyone with a creative bone is already getting excited for.  Starting now, The Toronto Star Short Story Contest is wide open and waiting your entries.  The interesting details?  Deadline is February 26, 2012 and the story will be no longer than 2,500 words with winners announced in April.  The prize?  Getting your Magnum Opus published in Canada’s largest newspaper and receiving $5,000 in prize money.  Further rules and regulations are available at  Good Luck!

Recently I have been exposed to much hype and excitement on both facebook and twitter about the BBC show Sherlock.  I have read virtually all the original stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and have seen several movie adaptations over the decades.  But this new update, headed by Dr. Who scribe Steven Moffat, has always intrigued me.  So, as of right now, I am on the library wait list for the dvds.  Somewhere around number 133.  Or so.  Which means someday soon, I shall be all caught up and will enter the ranks of the cool kids.  But wait, I still have to see Firefly.  Dang.  Will I ever have mojo?

Three shots of random randomness to get you all primed for the coming year of SMP.  Even more jocularity and Jedi mind tricks to follow.

And Happy New Year!



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2 Responses to Three Random Thoughts – Happy New Year!

  1. Borrow your brother Mark’ copy of Firefly and Serenity. Now!

  2. screensandscribbles says:

    Watching Firefly (and Serenity, I guess) was probably the best decision I made over winter break :p and I seriously can’t recommend Sherlock enough!!! 😀

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