The Hunger Games Podcasts: Don’t Enter The Arena Without Them

Some months ago, I became totally enthralled with The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins.  The series, which my wife foisted upon me, has caused moi to constantly pimp these books to everyone I come within range of.  Restraining orders are piling up.  One person offered me berries.  Methinks I should calm down and read some cereal boxes.

But then I pop my ipod on and enter the exciting, fascinating world of The Hunger Games podcasts.  Scanning itunes after finishing Mockingjay, I was lucky enough to stumble onto several shows to feed my cravings.  These various podcasts have enriched my reading experience and provoked serious thought.  Something new always comes up, and coupled with many fun segments, ideas dance in my head for quite some time afterwards.

At this point four Hunger Games podcasts fulfill my needs.  Maybe you will find the same greatness I did with these.  But Read The Books First!!

The Hunger Games Fireside Chat
Hosted by Adam and Savanna the show is streamed live every Monday at 10pm at  The final result is then released as a podcast for Luddites like me.  These two young adults always stroll past their one hour time limit, but bring us fans much information and excitement.  Crackpot Theories is my favourite segment. They are @HGFiresideChat on twitter.

The Hunger Games Chat
Brought to us by Andrew, Selena and Kimmie, another grouping of young adults very enthusiastic about the books.  The debate over the very idea of Hunger Games nail polish and what a Capitol idea it is, sparked my interest.

Rebellion Radio
The foursome of Hurley, Alex, Elena and April are very cool and very funny.  These young teens start each episode with my favourite theme song of them all.  Their youthful vigour is contagious.  And their Shakepeare references bewilder me.  Try out @RRpodcast on twitter as well.

Nightlock A Hunger Games Podcast
The duo of Kira and Matt are also teens who begin their episodes with my second favourite theme song.  Much jocularity follow as they explore the books and the upcoming movie.  This is where I first heard about The Hunger Games Companion book.  They are on twitter at @NightlockPod.

All these shows cover many of the same topics, but I find these multiple takes quite captivating.  And when you hear the outrage over the orange backpack, a detail that true fans simply delight in, you know you have found a true home for your devotions.
So, a great New Years resolution is to read The Hunger Games Trilogy.  Then fill your ipod with these wonderful shows.  All to get ready for the movie premiere.  Do yourself a favour and enrich your life.

You deserve it.  Just don’t eat the berries.


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