The Oscars 2012! They Are Coming!! And I Am In A Cave!!

Just yesterday morning the nominees for this years Oscars were announced with the very capable help of movie star Jennifer Lawrence.  She has a much anticipated film being released on March 23, 2012 that you may have heard of called The Hunger Games.  Plug Plug.

So, anyway, the most excellent Jennifer Lawrence helped announce the following list, which now becomes a part of a game of predictions, hunches, and guesses.  All leading up to the big night, Sunday February 26, 2012 when host Billy Crystal will wow us his greatness and we all collectively freak out over the winners.  That’s the night when my wife and I order in dinner and inhale junk food while we make catty comments about the celebrities.  We love this stuff.

Which means for the first time ever, I present my predictions for this years Oscars!  The tremors of excitement that I can feel spreading over the interwebs is exhilarating.  And a special thank you to fellow book blogger @justalillost for doing this first and giving me an excellent idea of swiping (er, borrowing) it.  Check out her wonderful thoughts and compare.


Best Picture:
The Artist
The Descendants
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
The Help
Midnight in Paris
The Tree of Life
War Horse
My 2 Cents:  Haven’t seen any of them.  Wife loved The Help, so I know that one is on my horizon.  The Artist will probably get it, but The Help will probably deserve it.

Best Director:
Woody Allen for Midnight in Paris
Michel Hazanavicius for The Artist
Terence Malick for The Tree of Life
Alexander Payne for The Descendants
Martin Scorsese for Hugo
My 2 Cents:  Again, haven’t seen any of them.  I have always found Malick and Allen overrated, and Scorsese hit and miss (Gangs of New York anyone?), but still got to pick something.  Giving this one to The Descendants for should and will because I have heard so much good buzz.

Best Actor:
Demian Bichir for A Better Life
George Clooney for The Descendants
Jean Dujardin for The Artist
Gary Oldman for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
Brad Pitt for Moneyball
My 2 Cents:  If you sense a theme, you’re right.  No I have seen none of them.  But George Clooney should and will because he was robbed for Three Kings all those years ago.  Go see Three Kings.

Best Actress:
Glenn Close for Albert Nobbs
Viola Davis for The Help
Rooney Mara for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Meryl Streep for The Iron Lady
Michelle Williams for My Week with Marilyn
My 2 Cents:  I am really batting zero here.  So, based on no empirical evidence, I say Viola Davis will win, but Meryl Streep should win to make up for not being nominated for Mama Mia.

Mr. Christopher Plummer

Best Supporting Actor:
Kenneth Branagh for My Week with Marilyn
Jonah Hill for Moneyball
Nick Nolte for Warrior
Christopher Plummer for Beginners
Max von Sydow for Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
My 2 Cents:  Did I see any movies this year?  Apparently not.  The Academy will just hand it to Branagh, but Plummer should get it because he is Plummer and he is Canadian.  Nuff said.

Best Supporting Actress:
Berenice Bejo for The Artist
Jessica Chastain for The Help
Melissa McCarthy for Bridesmaids
Janet McTeer for Albert Nobbs
Octavia Spencer for The Help
My 2 Cents:  I have been living in a cave.  But it is a nice cave.  Maybe someday I shall venture forth and see a movie.  But I firmly believe someone from The Help will and should win.  If you want me to narrow it down, send me a dollar.  Okay, Spencer will get it since she has won everything else lately.

Best Original Screenplay:
Michel Hazanavicius for The Artist
Annie Mumolo for Bridesmaids
J.C. Chandor for Margin Call
Woody Allen for Midnight in Paris
Asghar Farhadi for A Separation
My 2 Cents:  It is a really pretty cave.  Woody Allen will probably win because he is getting older, so what the hey.  But Hazanavicius should get it for trying something as audacious as a silent movie.

Best Adapted Screenplay:
Alexander Payne, Nat Faxon, and Jim Rash for The Descendants.  Book by Kaui Hart Hemmings.
John Logan for Hugo.  Book by Brian Selznick.
George Clooney, Grant Heslov, and Beau Willimon for The Ides of March.  Book Farragut North by Beau Willimon.
Steven Zaillian, Aaron Sorkin, and Stan Chervin for Moneyball.  Book by Michael Lewis.
Bridget O’Connor, and Peter Straughan for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.  Book by John Le Carre.
My 2 Cents:  Sigh, still in the cave.  Definitely not for Logan since I still vividly recall Gladiator and Star Trek Nemesis.  Shudder.  Sorkin will get it because they love his ramblings (he is also very hit and miss with me) but writers of The Descendants should as it sounds way more interesting.

Best Animated Feature:
A Cat in Paris
Chico & Rita
Kung Fu Panda 2
Puss in Boots
My 2 Cents:  Okay, no more cave jokes.  But they still apply to this category.  I noticed right away that Cars 2 did not get nominated.  And since it is the only Pixar movie I have never seen, that sounds ominous for it.  Puss in Boots will and should win since it is a first cousin to Shrek.

The strangest thought is the realization they never nominated The Muppets for Best Picture.  This makes the entire category null and void and explains the last time time the Academy made a huge, colossal blunder of epic proportions.  They have no taste.  And that was why Babe did not win Best Picture.  Freakin’ Braveheart.

In less then a month we will find out how right I am.  Maybe by then I will have seen perhaps one of these?


P.S.  Oscars statue is copyright 2012 to the Academy.  The Help movie poster is copyright 2012 to Dreamworks.  Cars 2 movie poster is copyright 2012 to Disney Pixar.


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One Response to The Oscars 2012! They Are Coming!! And I Am In A Cave!!

  1. Take this quarter, go downtown, and have a rat gnaw that thing off your face!
    Here as a counter point to your picks since I have seen some of these are what I favour as a choice to root for.
    Best Picture for me is a tie between The Artist, Hugo, Midnight in Paris, Moneyball, and The Tree of Life
    However The Tree of Life was long and highly subjective to arguments so I will eliminate that from a possible win. Moneyball made statistics exciting. But statistics can make things boring in the long run so it gets knock out of competition. Midnight in Paris which I saw twice is way too intellectual but Hollywood loves a good name dropper and this is a film for that. Hugo is at it’s heart a kids film so I would expect it will lose for that reason. The Artist for the win if it can get away from the pretentiousness it generates versus that generated by Midnight in Paris.

    Best Director is the year Woody Allen wishes Midnight in Paris could beat Terence Malick for The Tree of Life however Martin Scorsese for Hugo could split the vote. I always saw the ads as Terence Malick’s The Tree of Life so I would expect him to take the win.

    Best Actor is not Gary Oldman for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy because Alec Guiness did a better job. It’s not George Clooney for The Descendants in spite of how good he is as a man pulled apart. To me it’s a race between Jean Dujardin for The Artist and Brad Pitt for Moneyball except Brad doesn’t exude romance or pathos here so he can lose easily to Jean Dujardin for The Artist who comes across as exuberance personified.

    Best Actress could be very tough this year. Viola Davis for The Help could win if the role was not such a bloody cliche. Rooney Mara for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo should win but the nudity will cost her. Meryl Streep for The Iron Lady can win but the before and after portrayal is a detriment to the end story. Not her best work but if the Academy can vote Jodie Foster for The Accused they can vote Rooney Mara for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo to steal it from Streep.

    Best Supporting Actor will go to Christopher Plummer for Beginners when it’s a lead role but then I would go for Jonah Hill for Moneyball for the almost win if Plummer can’t get it.

    Best Supporting Actress would be great if Melissa McCarthy won for Bridesmaids but the comedies never get that far. Jessica Chastain and Octavia Spencer for The Help just makes it seem so superficial. I am stuck with Berenice Bejo for The Artist for the steal.

    Best Original Screenplay has to be Woody Allen for Midnight in Paris. I can see a steal from Michel Hazanavicius for The Artist but the Academy loves a tour and Woody delivers it with force. Margin Call was good but I can see it turning away some of the voters who got hit in the economic crisis.

    Best Adapted Screenplay will be and IS Alexander Payne, Nat Faxon, and Jim Rash for The Descendants and Book by Kaui Hart Hemmings. While the book is great and the new adaption is fine for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy it’s something that time has passed. Hugo is another great adaption just spelled out too much for itself. Sorry Brian Selznick. Moneyball was a fantastic adaption. But Sorkin is involved and he got a lot of Facebook money he didn’t share so he’s screwed.

    Best Animated Feature is Rango because you lose yourself that you forget it’s animated animals. Better than the rest and that says a lot. Kung Fu Panda 2 was not a quiet cash-in while Puss N Boots was a great mix of storytelling still Rango was one of those fresh tales that kept you captured to the screen kid or adult alike. Sort of like the remake of True Grit a year or so back.

    I can see Hugo taking costume and cinematography. Art direction could be Midnight in Paris. Drive had great Sound Editing (you could feel the speakers rev at the Kingsway cinema). While Harry Potter will get the final nod for Visual effects I could see Hugo stealing it as one of those films that worked great in 3D. Man or Muppet will win over Rio for Original song. See a Muppet Movie was nominated for something. Music Original Score is a real race between Tintin, The Artist, and Hugo, with John Williams for the steal. The rest to me is a toss up.

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