Three Random Thoughts About The Smurfs

Recently we had the joy of seeing something we thought would suck.  But it didn’t.  And now we are head over heels in love with The Smurfs!


Neil Patrick Harris takes the challenge of humanizing the Smurfs wonderfully.  From asking a million questions about the crazy illogic of the Smurfs existence to jamming with them on Guitar Hero, he makes the whole movie sing.  Especially the tune about the Freeze Ray.  Okay that last part I’m smurphing about.

Amazing voices zip through this tale.  I did not recognize Katy Perry as the lovely Smurfette and she is an absolute firework.  Sorry, could not smurf myself!  And for the older generation, the unconquerable Jonathan Winters is the remarkable Papa Smurf.  Hearing his smurfiness all along, I never guessed that Papa was related to Mork.  Bonus points if you get that smurfiness.


The fun and merriment of the movie is all from the idea of several Smurfs and the evil Gargamel (and his annoying cat) being accidentally transported from way back in ye olden times to present day New York.  And mayhem ensues.  Much of the Smurfs history is intact, with only the later stuff (Baby Smurf, Hill Billy Smurfs, and Grand Pa Smurf) not joining in the smurfiness.  But that is what sequels are for!

No serious in-depth discussion of the awesomeness of The Smurfs would be complete without mentioning one very important vital ingredient.  The song to end all songs.

La La LaLaLaLa Sing A Happy Song!

La La LaLaLaLa Sing All Day Long!

Sigh, I’m still smiling!


P.S.  All Smurfs images are copyright 2012 to Peyo.


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One Response to Three Random Thoughts About The Smurfs

  1. No! No! Gawd awful I say No! It was nice in the eighties when repetitive animation and simple stories could be masqueraded by such plot devices as language intonations and all while we ate sugary cereals as the brain goes mush. But in No Way do I need to melt my brain in the next century.
    Yes they have created a sweet movie where the contrivances do not overtake the tale being told while still remaining faithful to the original source material.
    Yes the new CGI animation works fairly well with the live actors that it feels fresh if you haven’t seen the Smurfs in years even on Sunday morning on the french channel. However if you have seen them as recently as 5 years previous you can find yourself thinking these are still one dimensional characters with lemming like names to suit their purpose. Yes the film breaks with the source material in trying to flesh these characters out for us by allowing them to explore the new world of New York today. But unless you pay attention to the stills in the closing credits you never see that advancement of character realized because of strictly one dimensional Gargamel chasing the end plot line for a quick kids film.
    That’s right the story interferes with the story of already one dimensional characters and that is what makes all the Smurf all the more frustrating. Not seeing a flustered anxious Neil Patrick Harris trying to deal with a) general life craziness, b) last minute work hassles, c) personal life changes, d) throw in magical imps to mix it up.
    Take the Smurfs out of the Smurfs movie and you have Neil Patrick Harris starring in what amounts to another Paul Reiser life comedy. Adding the Smurfs quickens the pace but not the magic this film could bring by entrenching it as Saturday Morning kids fare.
    If I had to comment about the voice work there would be no magic to this film. I do not want to think Papa Smurf equates to Jonathan Winters or Smurfette equates to newly single Katy Perry. It is better to think Papa Smurf equates to Papa Smurf and Smurfette equates Smurfette than have to take myself completely out of this and think actors.
    Smurfs is okay nostalgia and repetitive children’s fare. The Smurfs movie is a bland sitcome that tries and still misses. And misses. And just misses.
    Don’t let banality rule and stomp those Smurfs.

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