Three Random Thoughts: A Happy Birthday To Superman And Michael Bailey!!

Happy Birthday!!!

Today is February 29th, which means it is the excitement of a Leap Year!!  For most people it is just another day to grumble and mope, but for Geeks everywhere, we have reason to celebrate!!

For Today Is Superman’s Birthday!!!!!!!!!

And guess who shares Kal-El’s big day?  None other than Michael Bailey, the number one Superman Fan on Earth-Prime!

So, without further ado, let’s shake Metropolis and Party like it is 1938!!

Superman, aka Kal-El

Superman never had an official birthday for a long while, until sometime in the early 1970’s I believe, when editor Julius “Julie” Schwartz picked this date on the calendar.  Technically, Kal-El would be close to 100 years old or so, but if you only count the Leap Year Birthdays, he would be One Million.  Okay, I think I did the math wrong, but you get the idea.  For a guy who survived Marlon Brando’s scenery chewing, a planet blowing up around him, one very long trip with no bathroom breaks, living next door to a whiny Lana, catching Lois and a helicopter, dying, getting better, and somehow having the patience to not throw Steve Lombard into the sun, he looks pretty darn good.  Downright Super in fact!

Superman, aka Clark Kent

The Multiverse seems to have a sense of cosmic poetry to it, making today also the birthday of the aforementioned Michael Bailey.  He is the undisputed number one fan, and he lives all over the internet.  By last count, Michael hosted or guested about thirty different podcasts, and about half of them feature the Man of Steel.  My favourite is still From Crisis To Crisis, which covers a specific 20 year period of the comics.  It was also the best Superman comics, in my humble opinion.  Michael does a very excellent blog about Kal-El, which is updated constantly, and he hosts the Superman Podcast Network as well.  Michael may not have been rocketed from the doomed planet Krypton, but to many of us he feels like Clark Kent’s long lost brother.  Wait a minute, Michael does kinda look like Mon-El!

Superman, aka The Man Of Steel

No celebration today would be complete without a visit to the number one Superman fan site in the world.  The Superman Homepage is your one stop resource for everything about all eras of Superman’s existence.  Check out their hilarious graphic on the top of the home page this week, it makes me wish we all could go to Supes birthday party every year.  Er, four years, I mean.  And if you suddenly find yourself wondering at three in the morning when Superman’s arch foe Mister Mxyzptlk first appeared, and how Smallville screwed up the character, just look right here.  But don’t look up Kltpzyxm.

So join all of us Geeks as we celebrate Superman’s birthday this Leap Year Day.  And also today raise a glass of Kryptonian champagne to Michael Bailey, Kal-El’s biggest fan and blood brother.

The greatest Super Hero and his greatest fan.  Happy Birthday!!


P.S.  Superman is copyright 2012 to DC Entertainment.  Superman created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

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3 Responses to Three Random Thoughts: A Happy Birthday To Superman And Michael Bailey!!

  1. He’s a moustachioed meathead sports writer for the Daily Planet who would often insult Clark Kent’s manliness.

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