Three Random Thoughts on Toy Story!

One of my absolute favourite movies of all time, a classic right from the start, is the fabulous Toy Story!  Countless times we have enjoyed this masterpiece, often accompanied by popcorn and floats.  Woody and Buzz are now our friends.

For those unfamiliar with this film (Shame on you! Get out of that cave!), Toy Story is about how your playthings come alive whenever you are not around.  And they have personalities all their own.  But what happens when a new toy (Buzz Lightyear) enters the mix and becomes the new favourite?  And what happens when the old favourite (Woody) does not take that well?  Shenanigans and chaos ensue.  And beware of The Claw!!

The culmination of the movie brings us the first classic song in the Toy Story cannon.  You’ve Got A Friend In Me by Randy Newman will enter your head, bounce around a bit, and find a comfortable place to live.  In the lexicon of movie music, this song is the start of Pixar’s dominance in this field.  Only the current Muppets movie might challenge their crown.

Catchphrases galore pepper this celluloid gem.  From “You Are A Toy!” to “The Claw!”, all these sayings will infiltrate every fiber of you.  In the middle of the day at your monotonous job, or while standing in a long boring grocery line, just think of one of these dialogue bits and I guarantee a smile will blossom.  In fact, I am smiling right now!

Toy Story is an amazing movie that will turn any bad day into a fun day.  Sit back, cuddle your loved ones, chomp on some popcorn and guzzle a float, then watch Woody and Buzz.  You will thank yourself for it.

The next magnum opus from the genius of Pixar is Brave, which opens Friday, June 22, 2012.  Mark your calendars, for Brave is coming!


P.S.  Toy Story is copyright 2012 to Pixar.

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