Three Random Thoughts: Toronto Comicon 2012

Coming up next weekend is another most excellent Geek Event in the great Metropolis of Toronto.  Brought to us by the same people who bring us FanExpo every year, this mini-con taking place on March 10th and 11th, will serve to whet our appetite for coming Geek milestones.  Hint, hint, the Avengers movie.

The Big Guest Of Honour, The Lord Of All Comic Artists, The One And Only Mr. George Perez Will Be In The House!!  I have met the amazing Perez twice before, once about two decades ago, and another time a scant few years back.  He is the master of the craft and supremely nice to boot.  I am giddy like an idiot to stalk him yet again.

My newest favourite, and someone I firmly believe will become Canada’s Next Greatest Writer is Jeff Lemire.  I discovered his work last year, and really wish he had entered my existence years ago.  Check out his masterpiece (and the REAL Canada Reads 2011 winner) Essex County.  Currently he is burning up the sales charts on Animal Man.  Come see Jeff and his greatness at the con.  The gibbering fool awaiting him in line is moi.

Me and Dan Didio’s Leg

Between driving Perez and Lemire to distraction, and possibly to them sicking security on my fanboy self, this con will morph into a mini-reunion.  We Geeks from all across this great Metropolis of Toronto congregate every August for FanExpo, and this coming con will be a dress rehearsal for those madcap misadventures.  Getting a chance to irritate Alex and Sammi (check out her amazing artwork here) will be a perfect capper to the day.  And having Paul witness Scott pummel me mercilessly always brings a smile to everyone’s faces.  Sigh, can’t wait.

The Toronto Comicon 2012 is on Saturday March 10th from 11am to 6pm, and Sunday March 11 from 11am to 5pm.  It is being held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre which is located at 255 Front Street, in the heart of downtown Toronto.

The same Toronto which is the basis for the city of Metropolis.  Just saying.


P.S.  Superman copyright 2012 to DC Entertainment.  Superman created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

P.P.S.  Essex County copyright 2012 to Jeff Lemire.


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6 Responses to Three Random Thoughts: Toronto Comicon 2012

  1. Did you get a free ticket at a participating retailer?
    You forgot to mention this one was set up to combat the Paradise Comics Toronto ComiCon now known as Wizard World Toronto!

    • Kevin Boyd says:

      If anything, it’s designed to combat boredom on a quiet weekend in March David Riches. There are no free tickets for the March 10-11 event, it’s a flat fee of $20 daily or $30 for a weekend pass. Kids under 12 get in free with adults. For more information please visit other great comic guests in attendance will be Paolo Rivera (Daredevil), Phil Jimenez (The Fairest), Frank Cho (Avengers vs. X-Men) and Francis Manapul (The Flash).

      • As I found out this is the first year without the retailer provided free tickets for a day I am sorry to say. This used to be the Fan appreciation event and now it’s the costlier version, a mini-convention. With this show on the same weekend as Phantasm in Peterborough and the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Toronto I will save my time for the Wizard World Toronto Comicon, TCAF, FCBD, and the end of Summer FanExpo! Phil Jimenez I met right before and after he killed Blue Beetle, Frank Cho I got to sign all my Liberty Meadows stuff the first time he came to Toronto, and Francis Manapul did me the honour of a very nice Red Robin when he was revamping the character right before he started back up on The Flash. I love what Paolo Rivera has done with Daredevil but in long term the onomatopoeia has left me a little flat at times. Sorry to me this convention is just a squeeze for the break before the other better events on the horizon to come.

  2. mn84evr says:

    COMICON!!! That’s it … as you were 🙂

  3. Kevin Boyd says:

    David, the thing about all of these public events is that they are optional. If you don’t want to go, or can’t afford to go, then you shouldn’t feel like you have to, and while I’m sorry you don’t enjoy our conventions and believe that they are something other than what they are, we do put a fair amount of work into making them and we want them to be enjoyable experiences.

    As one of the co-founders of the Paradise cons I was aware that this event was used against our events, but never successfully. In all of the years that HSM tried to run these before Paradise we never saw a significant impact on either attendance or revenues. In fact, it was the year that HSM didn’t run it anywhere near the Paradise con that the Paradise event fizzled out and I quit working on them out of disappointment. Since then, and during the five years I’ve subsequently worked on HSM events the Fan Appreciation events have continued (even during the years there was no Paradise or Wizard event) and have always been scheduled a month or more before or after anything even remotely similar and this year is no exception.

    If anything, we eliminated two events from our annual schedule (the February Toronto ComiCON and the April Toronto ComiCON “Fan Appreciation” Event”) to merge them with our annual March Break March Toronto AnimeCON. At $20 a day, $30 for the weekend (and free for Fan Expo Premium Passholders and for kids under 12) we are significantly cheaper than nearly every other convention of similar size and type — TCAF is a great event, but it is funded by taxpayers and therefore able to be completely free.

    • Hi Kevin! Saw you at Comicon, sitting near George Perez for a few minutes, but didn’t get a chance to chat with you. Love the Comicon and have been partaking in FanExpo for years and years! Wife met The Fonz some time back thanks to you.

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