So, a story was told to me and…

So, a story was told to me and… I did nothing.  This is something I am not proud of.  I really should have, most definitively done something.

So, a story was told to me and… I just listened.  Recently a young friend of mine, the granddaughter of a neighbour, told me a story about her middle school.  Another girl, a lonely girl, was being picked on by some classmates.  The story surprised me, and my friend’s mother as well.  The meanness of it all.

So, a story was told to me and… I don’t blame.  I don’t think, even with all the publicity over bullying, that my young friend quite connected the dots.  She is a bright young lady with a sparkplug of a personality.  But she is young.  Her mother was concerned with the story as well, and I sensed a talk was in the offing once they were home.

So, a story was told to me and… I hurt for her.  This unseen, unknown to me, young victim was in pain.  My thoughts kept drifting back to this young lady over the past few days.  I wanted to search her out, embrace her in a protective hug of loving comfort and tell her everything was going to be okay.  This will pass, I would say, this will pass.  I would have to hope and trust that this young girls parents were doing their best to heal and protect her.  This faceless, nameless victim was a mystery to me.  But I knew her because I was her.

So, a story was told to me and… I ignored my past.  From a young age, I was the persistent target of bullies.  Taunts and jeers led to fights and beatings and ended with trips and recriminations at the school office.  As a final insult, the perpetrators of my torments would lie and blame me, but thankfully the Principal would see through it all.  But always the next day, without fail, another bully would appear.  And as I entered adulthood, the physical smacks changed to verbal assaults.  Classmates and bosses and coworkers have filled the unwanted role of bully in my life over the years.  People of low self-esteem, jealous thoughts, and bad childhoods have to find someone, anyone to hurt and mutilate.  And when I finally tell them off, they pout and whine and realize their game of anger with me as their target is over.

So, a story was told to me and… I have to do better.  Next time this happens, I have to speak up.  My young friend has probably already had a conversation with her mother about this.  But my vigilance about the cowardice of bullying must be constant.  I know reaching out to this quiet young girl is unrealistic, but she is in my thoughts and prayers.  Sending strength to you lonely bullied girl.  And to all the other bullied children out in the world.  Hope it helps.

So, a story was told to me and… I learned.


P.S.  Bully movie logo is copyright 2012 to The Bully Project.  To view the trailer, click here.  It opens in select cinemas today, Friday, April 6, 2012.


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