Three Random Thoughts About Finding Nemo!!!

To celebrate Easter this weekend with family and friends, we humbly suggest a Pixar movie that makes my wife laugh hysterically every time.  If you love fishes, turtles, seagulls, whales, or hearing the awesome Ellen, then Finding Nemo is one for you to find.  Ouch!!

What’s It About?
Nemo is a little fish with a very overly protective dad.  Nemo is fishnapped by some humans, which causes his dad to swim off in hot pursuit.  Along the way he befreinds a forgetful fish named Dory who attempts to help him on his quest.  Much craziness ensues, while as Nemo is plotting his own escape.  What will happen?  Will a happy ending be in the offing?


Is Ellen The Greatest?
Why, yes, yes she is.  Ellen DeGeneres, who plays Dory, is one of the most amazing voice talents to ever grace the Pixar soundbooth.  Every line she utters, every emotions she transmits, brings the laughs and the love right to your heart.  How much is scripted and how much she is riffing on, we might never know, but it all is gold.

Can You Speak Whale?
When Dory/Ellen decides to communicate with a Whale in order to secure help for their cause, you will literally convulse with laughter.  In fact, let me try to emulate that scene here.  “Heeeelllllo!!!  Hhhooooowww aaarrrreeee yyyyyouu, haaavvvvvvvviiiiinnggg aaa nnniiiiccceee daaaaayyyy???????”  Okay, that sucked big time.  Just watch that part of Finding Nemo and ignore my horrid interpretation.  Please.

Dory, Mariln, Nemo, and some other fishes!

So, this Easter, sometime between all those tasty meals and gobbling down whack-loads of chocolate the Bunny leaves for you, pop Finding Nemo in to your dvd player.  And remember to shout “MINE!” a lot.

The next wonder from the genius of Pixar is Brave, which opens Friday, June 22, 2012.  Mark your calendars, for Brave is coming!


P.S.  Finding Nemo is copyright 2012 to Pixar.

To view the first Brave trailer, click here.

To view the second Brave trailer, click here.

To view the third Brave trailer, click here.


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