Three Random Thoughts On UP!!!

For a movie with an insanely ludicrous plot, crazy nonsensical physics, and a floating house, you would think it would not resonate with the viewing public.  But it does.  And we are all thankful for UP for being so, well, uplifting.

Balloons Are Great!
Okay, this entire movie hinges on balloons.  Okay not really, but still.  Old man Carl, who is bitter and mourning the passing of his wife, decides to finally take the life long trip they had always put off.  So he attaches a couple of thousands of balloons to his house and takes off to South America.  And an unfortunate stowaway, a young boy named Russell, gets dragged into his adventure.  Yes, you read that right.  And yes, it is all great fun!


Tennis Balls Are Great!!
One of the greatest recurring motifs in UP is Carl’s use of tennis balls to, well, save the day, many many times.  Can’t reveal much more about this, but trust me it’s classic how this all works.  But then again, chocolate is also integral to the plot.  And so is a steering wheel.  And a garden hose.  And a…, okay, nevermind.

Dug The Dog!

Dug Is Great!!!
Dug is a talking dog who “captures” Carl, Russell, the floating house, and the rare bird they befriend.  Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention the rare bird.  Anyway, Dug is adamant with completing his mission, or finding a new owner, or chasing those nefarious squirrels.  Squirrel!  Dug is good natured, but easily befuddled.  And he likes tennis balls.  But doesn’t everyone?

UP will make many emotions float around inside you, resulting in warm feelings bubbling, well, up!  And that is always a good thing!

The next uplifting movie from the genius of Pixar is Brave, which opens Friday, June 22, 2012.  Mark your calendars, for Brave is coming!


P.S.  UP is copyright 2012 to Pixar.

To view the first Brave trailer, click here.

To view the second Brave trailer, click here.

To view the third Brave trailer, click here.

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