Ode To William Shakespeare On His Birthday

Today is the birthday of the greatest writer in history, the one and only William Shakespeare!  In the year 1564, the man who created the greatness of Hamlet and Prospero entered this realm.  So without much further ado (sorry),

My Top Ten List About The Greatness Of My Pal Will.

10.   He looks damn good for 448 years old. Must have been his deal with Morpheus. But I might be mixing this up.

Will Meets Sandman.

9.   My favourite plays are Hamlet and The Tempest. Damn, he was on fire with these ones.

8.   So, to make it absolutely clear, yes he wrote all those darn plays. Don’t argue with me on this!!

7.   Dude died on his 52nd birthday, in 1616. That must have been one hell of a party!

6.   Peter Ustinov once talked about Ophelia’s Synchronized Swimming Team. I still giggle at this one. Will would have liked this.

5.   Will wrote everything, like a trooper, without the aid of anything even resembling a computer. He used a quill.  I tried a quill once, and it drove me nuts.

Worf. A Klingon. Loves Shakespeare.

4.   Klingons like Shakespeare. Heck, they invented him.

3.   Best movie about him? Shakespeare In Love! So many things to love with so many great performances.

Shakespeare In Love. With A Quill.

2.   Love Baz Luhrmann’s Strictly Ballroom, but the butchering he did of Romeo and Juliet would make Zombie Will rise up for vengeance.

1.   Neil Gaiman wrote the best William Shakespeare ever.  Two wonderful writers who taste great together.

Happy Birthday Will!!!!!!!!!!


P.S.  In tribute to Will, I launched my first new short story in years.  Click here to enjoy.


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