Meeting A Legend: Our Night With Gordon Lightfoot

We met Gordon Lightfoot.

Yes, you read that right.  We met Gordon Lightfoot.  This fateful event was a long planned voyage for us into the heart of downtown.  Our anticipation grew and grew leading up to this wonderful epic.  Connecting with the master became the highlight of our season.

For the woefully uninitiated, Mr. Gordon Lightfoot is one of Canada’s Greatest Singer Songwriters.  Starting his musical career decades ago in the 1960’s, Lightfoot finally hit it big with his classic single “If You Could Read My Mind” in 1970.  A meteoric rise began, pairing critical accolades with massive commercial success.  Wonderful songs like The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald, Sundown, and Rainy Day People fills out his impressive repertoire.  Surviving various personal and later physical frailties, Lightfoot is a perennial trooper.

Now this elder statesman of harmonies has released a wonderful collection of assorted hits, all recorded live at Massey Hall in Toronto.  A gathering of his flock was held at Indigo Bay and Bloor for the launch last monday night.  Hundreds of the faithful appeared to witness Lightfoot on stage, being engaged in a delightful conversation with Indigo’s Chief Book Lover Heather Reisman.

Wide ranging topics flowed between them.  Lightfoot talked about his creative process, canoe trips he enjoyed, and his multiple children spanning many partners.  His life with all the bumps and bruises was laid bare with no shame or remorse.  The personal matter involving his daughter with a disputed part of a song has been mentioned previously, but the emotional turmoil behind it all was still evident.  His intention behind “If You Could Read My Mind” was never to harm his beloved child, hence the small concession to her.

Lightfoot Making Music.

Towards the end of our assembly, Lightfoot was asked to perform.  Needing a guitar, a gentleman among us generously provided his.  Gordon played and sang and captured a moment just for us.  A memory entering our collective id.  Holding my beloved close, we swayed to what Gordon gave us.

After that clarity of joy, the crowd gently formed into a long line for autographs.  During this time, my wife and I had the pleasure of meeting Heather Reisman before she departed.  Shortly thereafter, I spied @indigogreenroom milling about.  Aptly nicknamed Captain Awesome, it was great to finally see the man behind the events.

Excitement fueled by anticipation reached a high note when we arrived at the fabled Gordon Lightfoot.  Pictures were taken, words of praise lavished, and autographs attained all in a scant few minutes.  Time well spent.  While the occasion might have been brief, it was memorable beyond belief.  We had attained an audience with a legend.

In my previous talk about Gordon Lighfoot, I elabourated over my Grandmother’s fondness for him and how she planted that love into my being.  Over time I taught the ways of Lightfoot to my wife, and she has become a convert as well.

Thank you Gordon Lightfoot for your music, your graciousness, and your happiness that you radiate.  Thank you for you.


Lightfoot Played And Signed This Guitar.

Lightfoot Signature


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