May The Fourth Be With You This Life Day Onboard The Millennium Falcon

We are all gathered from across the known galaxies today to celebrate a holiday of incredible significance.  Yes, it is Life Day.  So grab your favourite Wookie and get ready to party down!

Okay, not really.  It is actually May The Force Day.  On May The Fourth.  Truly great convergences like this happen for a reason.  I sat it is Midi-chlorians, but what do I know?

For those who are wondering what I am babbling about, just google Star Wars.  But really shame on you for not knowing that already.  And shame on me for this insane blog post title.

Our imagination worldwide was captured when that magical scroll filled movie screens on Wednesday, May 25th, 1977.  “A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away….” became a cultural touchstone to millions and millions everywhere, even transcending time and infecting those not even born yet.

My infatuation began in the beginning, since my age is advanced enough to have enjoyed the original Star Wars, sans the New Hope subtitle, in the theatre.  Launching myself full force (sorry) into George Lucas’s vision of space fantasy, I became a life long devotee.

Han Solo’s Hot Rod

For my birthday that year, the cake was adorned with C3P0 and R2D2.  At Christmas the entire family and many adjoining relatives became embroiled in a quest to fulfill my Santa wishlist, which consisted mainly of one object, a Millennium Falcon.  The jolly old elf delivered Han Solo’s trusty ship right on time, and even through the younger me very much damaged the Falcon more than any Star Destroyer, it still rests comfortably downstairs in retirement.  Feeling remorse over youthful indiscretions, The Force was with me when years later I found another Millennium Falcon at a store.  Still in the box.  For only twenty dollars.  Happy dance to the Creature Cantina music!  That pristine version also rests comfortably downstairs, having never been tried and tested.

But traveling back to Star Wars 1970’s heyday, with this hallmark ship firmly in my possession, I devoured the Holiday Special when it was shown the one and only time on network television.  Being to young to realize it sucked worse than a Jawa’s smelly feet, I persevered.  When the next two movies came out throughout the early eighties, my family faithfully ventured at lightspeed to the big screen.  With the original trilogy ended, everyone had to revel in it’s greatness, then gently place our Yoda action figures back on the shelf hoping against hope the little Jedi Master would someday grace us yet again with backwards talk.

Yes It’s Jar Jar!

When the 1990’s hit, Lucas finally decided to tell us more of this tale of father and son.  The huge success of the originals, coupled with the enhanced rereleases, made the anticipation for the new trilogy massive.  Some purists hate this journey chronicling the rise and fall of Anakin, but my love for these films almost equals my childhood infatuation with the first three.  And much to the chagrin of many, I really like Jar Jar.  Other random thoughts that stream out of me from these gems?  Seeing a newer, younger Obi Wan, was a bonus.  Mace Windu is the most badass of the badass.  But Yoda should have stayed a puppet, just saying.

Because of these new films, I have increased my toy assortment by procuring a young Obi Wan, a Mace Windu, a Queen Amidala, and a really cool Jar Jar.  My fascination with these stories featuring Luke and Leia’s parentage flows into other genres as well.  Someplace in the depths of my comic boxes is a complete collection of the Marvel Star Wars comics, which I vow to someday read.  No novels starring my favourite Jedi’s grace my shelves, but hopefully the future will rectify that oversight.

So with my geeky fandom of The Force in full bloom today, I shall endeavour to talk like Yoda or Darth Vader.  That is until my voice becomes raspy or the missus force chokes me to cease and desist.  Maybe every facebook comment I make will say “That’s no moon.”  Or my talents will be used to convert our car into a pod for Jabba’s races.  Whatever the final choice is for how the celebration goes, just remember to honour the genius of George Lucas and to…

Have A Happy Life Day!  And May The Fourth Be With You!


P.S.  Star Wars is copyright 2012 to George Lucas and The Force.


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