Three Random Thoughts On Ratatouille!

Are you hungry?  Really really hungry?  Want to see some great and wonderful food?  All mouthwatering and delicious?  And by the way, it’s all made by a rat.

Okay, before you get all grossed out, the rat is very nice, and the food looks very good, so that makes it all right.  Trust me.

Hair pulling is fun.  If you don’t believe me, watch the scene where Remy the cooking rat (just go with it, okay?)  is helping Linguini gets his groove on in the kitchen.  Hidden under a chef’s hat, Remy makes his friend into a cooking sensation.  And no one is none the wiser.  But how long can they keep this ruse going?

Remy! He Cooks!

Main Course!!
What really sells Ratatouille is the wonderful voice work of Patton Oswalt, who brings excitement and fun to our rat hero Remy.  Patton has always been funny, and this film showcases his great talents wonderfully.  You can check out some of his stand-up routines on YouTube, but some are NSFW.

My non-cooking skills are legendary.  Tales from my wife about dishes I have botched are common fodder to our friends.  Remy the cooking rat fills even my talentless soul with hope.  Someday I shall rally and move past toast as my culinary accomplishment.  Someday I shall be better than a rat!

Your tummy will rumble with the tastiness of Ratatouille.  It is yummy.  It is devine.  And it makes you yearn for more morsels like this from Pixar.


The next delicious movie from the genius of Pixar is Brave, which opens Friday, June 22, 2012.  Mark your calendars, for Brave is coming!


P.S.  Ratatouille is copyright 2012 to Pixar.

To view the first Brave trailer, click here.

To view the second Brave trailer, click here.

To view the third Brave trailer, click here.


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