Scoops Floor Report From TCAF and FCBD!!

For the first time ever I got the the chance to participate in two different geek ventures, both held at the same time!  Would the immortal and undefeatable Scoop survive this challenge?  Read on and find out!

Toronto Comics Arts Festival has been an annual pilgrimage for years and years, with me never making the journey downtown before.  Housed in the Toronto Reference Library on Saturday, May 5th and Sunday, May 6th 2012, I graced the assembled with my presence on the first day.  Which means that unfortunately @StrawberryFinn, who came on Sunday, missed crossing paths with moi.  Next Year!

But back to my Saturday journeys!  My wanderings lead me through the crowded floors, and eventually to the Beguiling booth where Scott Pilgrim volume 1 and the subsequent poster became mine.  Next off, I found the talented Alex Serra, whom Murd from Comic Speak Geek had introduced me to at FanExpo 2012.  My voyage of discovery was temporarily waylaid with blackberry battery problems.  During this respite, I missed seeing the amazing book bloggers @JustALilLost (read her post here) and @ChristasBooks.  After getting a quick charge, I was greeted by the ultimate Buffy fan @AinslieKeith.  The second floor, all filled with comic goodness, had our paths cross with Canada’s Top Geek @tunegeek and Murray, and the Man With The Plan @WwxKev.  Ask to see his portfolio next time you see the man!

Later in the day Ainslie and Natalia decided to drag my sorry behind to The Labyrinth for the annual Free Comic Book Day!  Picking up The Smurfs (don’t judged me, I liked the movie), Firefly (still haven’t seen the show, and stop shouting at me!), Superman Family Adventures, and S.H.I.E.L.D. from Marvel.  All great stuff!  We all got back to TCAF just in time for the final panel discussion of the day.  At this point, tired and exhausted, I grabbed a quick bite before heading back to the missus.  My first TCAF and FCBD was an unqualified success!  Next year shall be epic!

Great friends.  Great comics.  Great times.


P.S.  Next year’s Free Comic Book Day is on Saturday, May 4, 2013!  Hope you can make it!!

P.P.S.  To see all my glorious pictures of TCAF, click here.


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3 Responses to Scoops Floor Report From TCAF and FCBD!!

  1. Stacey says:

    You haven’t seen Firefly? Ummm… you are not a geek. Ainslie — revoke his status 😉

  2. Great recap! And thanks for linking mine up 🙂 Too bad we just missed each other too!

    Christa and I went to 1,000,000 Comix down Yonge St. And they were pretty sparse on the free comic books.. just got a Vertigo 2012 free preview and a The New 52 copy. Plus picked up a Donald Duck one at the TCAF on one of the tables.. we picked up the last ones.. 😛

  3. Well glad you made it out to some of the FCBD pilgrimages. TCAF or the Toronto Comics Art Festival that you had to underline to explain was great but I missed Seth, and getting a copy of his GNG the Great Northern Brotherhood and here you were could have picked up and gotten personalized a copy for me. Well thanks for nothing. 😀 😉

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