Once Upon A Time: A Show About Fate

Will the Evil Queen finally get her comeuppance?  Will Pinocchio be saved?  Will Grumpy ever find happiness?  And most importantly, will Snow White have her happily ever after?

The cool kids in the know will smile with delight, filled with the joy of recognition of the one of the best new shows this season.  I am of course talking about Once Upon A Time, a show that will put a spell on you.

For the plebians among us, Once Upon A Time (or OUAT to us devotees) is the story of what happens when an evil curse transports all the assorted and myriad fairy tale characters into our magic free real world.  Wiped memories cause Snow White, Prince Charming, and Jiminy Cricket to live very different lives.  And when the prophesied savior finally appears, the vivacious and tough Emma, the spell weakens and weakens.  But will it be enough to save the day?

Good question!  And this Sunday is the first season finale of OUAT, so we can all find out some answers to our queries.

Thankfully this show, created by two of the writers from the classic series Lost, have learned mightily from their time on the island.  Mysteries are solved almost as quickly as they are introduced, which makes the drama unfold at a much quicker pace.  The ongoing saga of this town filled with amnesiacs storybook characters has produced volumes of tales so far, with many more still yet to be plucked.  Ideas and theories of what is happening and who is who in our real world make every episode very intriguing.  For instance, after awhile we learn that Little Red Riding Hood is now a sultry waitress who is constantly arguing with her dear Granny.  When the bickerings cause Red to strike out on her own, she gains a job with the Sheriff.  Who is also the savior Emma.  Much happens.  Much is learned.  And much coffee is consumed.

But one of the biggest and most compelling puzzles is the back stories, which is the true matrix of everything going on in our plain of existence.  Interweaved throughout each episode is another refugee from Lost, is the flashback.  We find out what each fairy tale really was, and how some of these re-imaginings become a part of the patchwork of a larger conspiracy.  Fans of Beauty and the Beast will marvel at this love story and the twist of where it goes, not to mention be quite surprised at the actress playing Belle.

While not every rebirth of a classic works (How Grumpy became, well, Grumpy) and some still have basic problems with the source materials (paging Hansel and Gretel), virtually all the rest sing off the screen.  As I said before, the Jiminy Cricket tale was the tipping point for the greatness of OUAT, providing an ending that will shock and sadden your senses.  And it is this level of emotion and thought and conjecture that keeps fans coming back week after week.  Coming back to see the magic that exists all around us.  OUAT will make you believe.

You will believe in a town full of magic.


P.S.  Once Upon A Time pictures are copyright 2012 to ABC.

P.P.S.  The Once Upon A Time season one finale airs on Sunday, May 13, 2012 at 7pm on ABC.

P.P.P.S.  If you are a fan of fairy tales and OUAT, then try the comic series Fables from Vertigo.

P.P.P.P.S.  You can read excellent recaps of OUAT at the Nik At Nite blog here.


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