The Avengers. AKA Joss Whedon Rules.

So, I am still being scraped off the ceiling.  Last night we finally saw the Marvel movie to end all Marvel movies.  The geek thrill is glowing off my body.  The missus has been wearing sunglasses all day because of my emanations.  You know what that means, don’t you?

Yes, we finally saw The Avengers.

Let me say that again.  We finally saw THE AVENGERS!!

And I now worship at the altar of Joss WhedonDr. Horrible was a taste for us, and the Avengers has become our main course.  This man can do no wrong.

Joss is an absolute master at the economy of storytelling.  So much characterization, geek moments, plot points, fight scenes, humour, and backstory are crammed into this two and a half hour opus, that my mind is still percolating almost 24 hours later.

Character by character, Joss takes these disparate heroes and brings the best traits from the comics to the big screen.  All the original creators can be proud of this adaptation.  And the obvious reason this wonderful movie works so very well is because Joss and the actors have enormous respect for the comics.  I have been around long enough to remember the disastrous first attempts at Nick Fury, Black Widow, and Thor back in the eighties.  Please don’t youtube them, it will only hurt.  But now Hollywood has to follow Joss’s lead and not treat these heroes like cattle.  My geek heart is so very happy.


Everything you could possibly look for was here.  Classic match-ups every die-hard fan has seen a million times are re-enacted, but on the awesome glory of a movie screen.  Joss also manages to subtly show us bits and pieces of greatness of each hero as well.  With something as small as one line or one look, volumes are told.  Even how every hero interacts with each other becomes fascinating and well thought out.  The prophets of Whedon have been preaching this to me for years and years, about how he manages to capture the characters alone and in a group.  How right they are.

This brings up an obvious question for all geeks.  Why in blue blazes has DC not finally gotten in on this act?  Green Lantern was an abomination and not worthy of anything.  The Dark Knight films are non-compatible for any team-ups.  And Superman is undergoing yet another reboot next year.  The introduction of Black Widow in the Avengers makes me realize this same scene could have worked with Black Canary.  But the closest DC gets with this same type of character, a badass with an attitude, is in the silliness of what Smallville did.  DC has to kidnap Joss Whedon, give him 4,815,162,342 bars of Latinum, have him create the beauty of a JLA movie.  And a Wonder Woman movie.  Sigh, my heart is all aflutter now.

Captain America.  Iron Man.  Thor.  Hulk.  Black Widow.  Hawkeye.  Nick Fury.  They are The Avengers.  And when they Assemble, they are excellent.

Superman.  Batman.  Wonder Woman.  Green Lantern.  Flash.  Aquaman.  Martian Manhunter.  Hawkgirl.  They are the Justice League.  And someday we will see them in all their glory.  We can always hope.


P.S.  The Avengers and all related characters are copyright 2012 to Marvel Comics.


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2 Responses to The Avengers. AKA Joss Whedon Rules.

  1. Stacey says:

    I LOVED Smallville. And I would love to see Justin Hartley as Green Arrow in something. I personally didn’t care for The Avengers (sorry :D), and Joss’s been having a no-go streak with me lately (wasn’t fond of “Cabin in the Woods” either). I think if DC does something, they should do duos or trios. Maybe Green Arrow and Wonder Woman, or Green Lantern and Aquaman and Hawkgirl. Enough to make you go “Cool!” (or “How neat, to pair them up.”) without giving you an overload or a “That was too much/too stupid.”

  2. “give him 4,815,162,342 bars of Latinum” what is with it between you and the outrageous numbers? So other than wanting a Justice League film and saying how you dislike most recent DC films, do you want to tell us how you really felt about The Avengers film? Anything you didn’t like? Favourite scene perhaps? How did the wife feel about the film? Better in 2D or 3D? Like Jerry Seinfeld and Schindler’s List is this a film you could make out to? Please let us know.
    P.S. have you seen the promos for the CW TV series based on Green Arrow that simply drops the Green part; That’s right not to be confused with the Avro mini-series we have Arrow set to fight crime after the Winchester boys this fall.

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