Scoops Adventures At AnimeNorth 2012!!

They Have A Freeze Ray!

Wheeeeeee!!! Another year, another AnimeNorth come and gone. My first foray into this excitement was last year, and that was only for one day! This time I graced everyone with my presence on Saturday and Sunday. Cue the applause for the old guy.

Alex’s Posse!

Showing up at the crack of 11am (always be early, that’s my motto) the first person I collided with was the esteemed Alex and his posse. The dude still harasses me for NOT having read Harry Potter, and now the threats might include use of his Ninja skills. Our eternal time in the entrance line was livened up by the posse of Damian, Sakura, and Elena. Several funny (and ever so slightly outrageous) comments made by Elena during this time made me heart her so much. You are so very funny and so very truthful!  And you only punched me once.

It was also at this point I bumped into my first Sailor Moon at AN12. Only 4,815,162,342 more Sailor Moons to go! Must be careful how I proceed with my Sailor Moon comments, for they are skilled and efficient and the bodies are never found.

Once finally inside the doors, my wanderings caused me to dutifully miss every panel on my agenda to attend. So yes, I skipped all my “classes”!  In the middle of the dealers room my journeys crossed paths with brother Mark, who sliced and diced my intestines with a sword. My other brother Dave, whom I missed seeing at AN12, would never have done that to moi.

And then I bumped into another Sailor Moon.

After awhile an outlet was required for a quick boost to the trusty old blackberry. This resulted in my encampment in A Special Place at AN12 and brought about an interesting chance meeting. The stories that Wonder Woman @xephyr_42 and her friend can now tell…

Shortly thereafter I was assaulted from behind by a Tardis. Oops! Actually it was my friend Marlene, whose chameleon circuit was working just fine, and her friend Leanne, looking very goth. They are artists, so this is allowed.

And then I bumped into another Sailor Moon.

Some text tagging going on for abit that afternoon finally bore fruit. One of my longest twitter followers is the wonderfully fun @Xenani and AN12 is where we finally met. It was truly joyful to see her (with her beautiful dress) and the lovely Amanda. Small towns create great Geeks.

The party was non-stop all day. At one point, just before crossing the busy street with a gazillion other AN12 fans, I was strolling along and heard beautiful voices singing in unison “With my Freeze Ray I will stop… the world.” Looking around, my eyes saw this group of wonderful young ladies, all spiffy, with one sporting green hair. It’s good to see the next generation admiring the classics!

And then I bumped into another Sailor Moon.

Back in the glorious dealers room area I saw a poster for the amazing Firefly (why didn’t anyone tell me about this show earlier??). And a poster for the equally amazing Scott Pilgrim (why didn’t anyone tell me about this book earlier??). Both these statements are gonna cause me a world of hurt in my future.

At the other end of the dealers room I bumped into one of Biggest Dr Who Fans Ever. This young lady knew everything about everything relating to our favourite Time Lord. It took her friend all his considerable energies to even slightly contain the enthusiasm she radiated. She would make a most excellent companion for our good Doctor!  P.S. William Hartnell was not the best, Tom Baker was!  I finally got the last word!

Back outside for a fateful meeting with the world’s greatest dog walker and Pokemon fan, Rebecca! This lady, who is a dynamo of energy and mischief, was holding our mutual friend Meghan hostage. Despite our valiant escape attempts, Meghan was dragged off by Rebecca, probably to slash my tires again. I told you Rebecca, the extortion money was in the mail!  Some anime fans are so vicious.

Meghan. Rebecca. Plotting.

Saturday night closed off with another chance meeting. Old friends Ashley and Teniqua were waiting to cook some Pokemon, and they kindly agreed to pose with a garbage can. Very creative! I had to take my leave at this point, seeing as how it was almost 11pm (eeep!) and these whippersnapers were staying to midnight (or beyond…).

Posing with a garbage can.

Sunday dawned with my presence at 11am again. It was noticeably less busy, since so many guests are out of towners and were leaving early. And yet again I dutifully missed every panel that crossed my mind. To make up for all this was an absolute plethora of Dr Who’s!! All types and styles inhabited AN12 that sunday. And that was before I even entered the building. So, finally off I went to brave the space time continuum of the dealers room.

And then I bumped into another Sailor Moon.

Back outside, Amy Pond and her friends (whom I believe were in from Montreal, but not too sure which year) had a great conversation with me about all things Who. Plus they told me about the Dr Who Photo Shoot at 2pm in front of the hotel. Happy Happy Joy Joy!

My endless wandering had another chance meeting with Ashley, this time she was indoctrinating her little sister into the geek world. I had not seen the sister in years, and she recognized me! She also kept throwing money into the air. Don’t understand why.

Marlene and the Dr.

On the way to the shoot, I bumped into a Tardis, oops, that was Marlene again, and we headed to the gathering. Expertly organized by Captain Jack (who sometimes sported a banana) from the Dr Who Society of Canada, the hour whizzed by with a gazillion pics being taken. Marlene is an artist, but she has very promising second career as a Time Machine. My geek cred was almost forfeited when I mistook one lady for William Hartnell, when she was clearly Paul McGann. I hang my head in shame. Also spotted just before the pics was one lady covered with piercings. Possibly. Maybe. Ask her friend.

My ping ponging brought me back to the dealers room one more time before the end of AN12. On the way inside, brother Mark and I again collided. This time he had no sword, so it was a fair fight.


Before leaving, I tried in vain to bump into another Sailor Moon. But it was a fruitless quest. Better luck next year.

Heading home happy and full of joy, with two new Superman items in my possession, a mug and a glass. And a metric tonne of pictures already populating twitter and soon SMP.

Next stop? FanExpo in August!


My Booty.


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One Response to Scoops Adventures At AnimeNorth 2012!!

  1. First off, while Mark would slice and dice I simply bludgeon. Wham Bam don’t go calling Mummy!
    Second, the number of Sailor Moons you quote is either a phone number in Essex England, or wrong since it would encompass two thirds of the Earth population. At most there was 9 Sailor Moons at the show and her entourages of Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars, etcetera would bring a related total around 45 at most. No where near the 4,815,162,343 you mention.
    Third, I am surprised you didn’t run into any Video game people what with more Marios, Super and other there at the show. Three Solid Snakes from Metal Gear, at least two Lara Croft Tomb Raiders, five separate people as the death of console games, all the Pokemon in various forms (Warm fuzzy Pikachu, hoodie Pikachu, slutty Pikachu, life like Pikachu, DDR Pikachu, to name a few), these are some of the people you should have spotted. No mention of any.
    Fourth, what are some of the classes you missed? Could you perhaps give a shout out so we can see if it was standard public cable access are or boiler plate seminar or did you escape seeing the murder of a fancy fate? You don’t tell us so we will never know to compare notes.
    Fifth, I would like to plead the Fifth for myself not spending anytime in the dealers room but you could have at least told us what you saw and per-roused. Besides the Superman highball glass, cocoa mug, and condom dispenser, that is. Did you see lots of Video DVDs, Manga, T-Shirts, Costumes, Toys, statues, Games, Weapons? Or was it all subscription services or artist alley. Did you at least go across the bridge to see the games or manga library? Did you know that had a complete Death Note collection in the manga library? Kept me reading for hours. Ditto Keith Giffen’s I Luv Halloween.
    Six. There is no number six. The Prisoner in joke.
    Seven, I have ranted against you a bit much for just a few things but almost half your column is Dr. Who and it wasn’t even showing the Dr.Who Anime. Now they did show the Megas XLR anime on Friday evening. Too bad most of the Giant Robots were Battle Mechs or Gundams. Not one mention of a Robot giant or otherwise from you it feels like we were at two different conventions.

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