Mike Detective: You Will Laugh So Hard You Will Hurt Your Ears

It’s like Naked Gun on the radio.  It’s like Airplane on the radio.  It’s like Family Guy on the radio.

But it is really Mike Detective, the best unlicensed and uninsured private eye on the net.

I first heard of old Mike after he was mentioned on an episode of Pop Culture Happy Hour, and with my curiosity getting the better of my delicate sensibilities, downloaded the entire series.  While only 15 episodes were produced in the first season last year, each averaging between five to nine minutes in length, devouring the entire story only took one afternoon.

Mike Detective, is at it’s essence, the continuing adventures of a private eye working a case for a client.  Any semblance to logic, coherent story, consistent characterization, or logic anytime during the run of this series is entirely accidental.  This show is so noir you can hear the fedoras.  And it is chock filled with a million puns, movie references, and plugs for some strange reason for the movie Taken.  It is also, by the way, rated R for being very dirty and definitely NSFW.

This funny crazy pod is the brainchild of Scott Aukerman from Earwolf Productions and Comedy Bang Bang.  Bringing Mike to over the top life is Rob Huebel, star of Children’s Hospital and sporting a very long list of comedy credits.  Stephanie Client, who is, well, the client, is played by Grey DeLisle, a veteran voice actress of the first caliber.  Multiple guest stars pop up all along the way, with Weird “Al” Yankovic and Henry “The Fonz” Winkler gracing us with their presence.  The cool factor of recognizing them made me jump for joy.  Why yes, I am easy to please, why do you ask?

A delicious afternoon went by recently with my enjoying this thrilling (??) podcast, laughing and giggling all along the way.  Even blushing a few times.  Leslie Nielsen would have been so at home with Mike Detective.

Sigh, now I want to listen to it all over again.


P.S.  Mike Detective and Earwolf logos are copyright 2012 to Earwolf Productions.  And Mike is on twitter!


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