DC The New 52 Nine Months In

It has been nine exciting months since DC Comics The New 52 has given birth.  So it is also time for yet another checkup by moi of the excitement and craziness this relaunch has wrought.  And by the way, moi is the only french word I know.

So without adieu, time for my newest tally of DC fun!  All acquired at my local comics shop, Excalibur Comics, plug plug.

Superman has been and will always be my absolute favourite character.  Boxes and boxes filled with Krypton’s last son fill a corner of the basement.  This all said, the current Superman comics still feel like a story is waiting to happen.  Can no one turn the ignition and make this book go somewhere, anywhere, please?  Some cute subplots have started, but nothing that makes me jump for joy.  Grant Morrison, whom I have a love/hate relationship with, continues to define esoteric every month in Action Comics.  His latest writing endeavour, a Superman-on-Earth-23-is-really-Barack-Obama riff just managed to annoy me to no end.  I like Obama.  Grant likes Obama.  But this is abit much.

Next up are two books that will be gone from my sight after issue zero (don’t ask, marketing ploy come September).  Superboy and Supergirl were on my pull list because of the aforementioned “S” connection, but that goodwill has been spent.  Superboy is an incomprehensible mess made worse by an incomprehensible crossover.  I have heard The Culling referred to as The Sucking.  Very accurate.  Supergirl had one great issue (number eight for those keeping score) because the immortal George Perez provided the art.  Now with him gone, the book is mediocre yet again.

The Legion comics are ones I will still get, being a lifelong fen of these 31st century heroes.  But, as a caveat, I have not read the last two years worth or so.  They form a massive stockpile in my mancave which will be conquered someday soon (cue wife’s laughter).  The true test of my patience is the existence of Legion Lost writer Tom DeFalco.  Why he is still working confounds my braincells.

Jeff Lemire gets abit of spotlight from this month.  His last issue as writer on Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E was typically great, and it tied in very nicely with his Animal Man comic.  Speaking of Animal Man, this surreal journey of supernatural meets family dynamics is always interesting, always fascinating.  But Jeff, can ya get our hero to put on a shirt please?  Speaking of shirts.  Okay, not really, but Jeff did take over Justice League Dark this month as well.  Treated like a new beginning, we can tell groundwork is being laid here for something big.  No even bigger than that.

The flagship title that is now starting to lag again is Justice League.  The first story arc ended with a whatever, and the new arc has not impressed either.  Plus the massive revising of Justice League history really really rubs me the wrong way.  No new members in all these years?  Martian Manhunter in pitched battle against them?  The government being jerks?  This all leaves one heck of a bad taste in my mouth.  Which bring us to this thing called Shazam, the backup co-feature bonus book in Justice League.  Really hate this.  End of story.  Okay, will give props for changing Billy’s job from radio newskid to podcaster, but that is about it.

I came late to the party with Demon Knights.  I should have trusted the excellent British writer and Dr Who scribe Paul Cornell and got in on the ground floor of this medieval superteam.  And yes, I now like The Demon, all thanks to Paul.  Issue nine kicks off a brand new storyline, guest starring the corpse of Merlin.  Great fun!

Because of wonderful recommendations by @girlsreadcomics All-Star Western is now happily in my possession.  This issue finishes the current story, starts a new story, and advances the major overall story.  Whew!  All featuring one of the most unlikable heroes of all time.  Ignore the Jonah Hex movie, I know I did, and just read him here.  The backup stars the old west crimefighting duo of Cinnamon and Nighthawk.  They are the cutest couple, even when blowing away the bad guys.  And look for the in reference to another DC concept.  I giggled.

Three new titles entered my world this month.

World’s Finest was a delightful surprise, since it stars Power Girl and The Huntress, two characters who have very much bored me before.  The backhistory of these two is far to complicated to explain here, so just google them.  Plus I want to avoid the headaches this gives even the most dedicated fanboy.  Right now DC is explaining who they are currently, giving us a glimpse of the past, and wrapping it all in a great fun story.  Action.  Suspense.  Personalities.  It’s all here.  One beef, I hate Power Girl’s new costume.

G.I. Combat felt very mixed.  The first story had Marines crash land onto what I am guessing is Dinosaur Island.  And that was it.  I am hoping the story picks up the pace abit in the next few issues.  The second story features the Unknown Soldier who is now more known.  They actually give him a partial origin here, causing this decades old concept to be revived and reinvented into a very modern context.

Dial H struck me as the absolute hardest to get into.  Written by new author China Mieville, this complete reworking of the the ancient DC concept strikes me as slightly absurdist.  Very on the fence on this one.  It is definitely very far removed from the goofy superhero Dial H stories I read as a wee little lad.

It struck me as interesting that the titles this month which caused the most unbridled excitement are the ones living on the fringe.  Other times and other styles and other dimensional heroes seem predominant in my taste right now.  While as the mainstream comics barely registered a blip on my radar.  The biggest book that still had not been “fixed” is Superman, and that is DC’s flagship hero.  He will always and forever be my dude, but man something has to be done.

Maybe get Clark to marry Lois?

Just thought I would ask.


P.S. All images are copyright 2012 DC Entertainment.

Bonus List!!  Bonus List!!  Bonus List!!

Top 10 Things I Want In The New DC Universe:

10  Superman’s marriage.  I think I have mentioned this before.
9    Legion Lost to get a real writer.
8    A Superboy comic that makes a lick of sense.
7    For Paul Cornell to write more comics.
6    To keep the diversity going.  From types of titles to types of characters.  Please sir, can we have some more?
5    Superman’s marriage.  I think I have mentioned this before.  Is this joke getting old?
4    For Jeff Lemire to write more comics.
3    Shazam to not be such a jerk.
2    Martian Manhunter to eat Oreos.  Really miss that.
1     Superman’s marriage.  I think I have mentioned this before.  This joke never gets old.


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