Meanwhile… One Year Later

Happy Birthday To Scoops!  Happy Birthday To Mental!!  Happy Birthday To Propaganda!!!

Happy Birthday To Scoops Mental Propaganda!!!!

Yes today is the One Year Birthday for this wondrously amazing blog created by your hero and mine, moi!  This momentous event deserves, nay, demands a celebration of some type or other.  Which means it is time for a contest!

Yes, you read that right!  Scoopsmentalpropaganda is hosting its first ever contest.

To enter, all you you have to do is login to SMP and leave a comment on this post of what your favourite entry written by me has been over the past year.  Just a couple of sentences on why you loved a certain post.  That’s it.

I have my own posts that are my darlings, but I am very interested to see what all of you like the most.

The winning entry will be picked by the missus and I, and will be totally 100 percent subjective.  In other words, a really good arguement for a particular entry might just win the day.  Or cause the two of us to have heated discussions for days and days and days.  Deadline is June 30th, 2012!

The prize for this is secret (ain’t I a stinker?) but it will be nice and worth your while.

So, my first contest, complete with A SECRET PRIZE!!

And Happy Birthday To ScoopsMentalPropaganda!!!



About scoopsmentalpropaganda

Married to beautiful wife. Always learning a ton of stuff. Geek with too much useless knowledge. fb page:!/pages/Scoops-Mental-Propaganda/192314550819647 twitter & twitpic: Scoopriches AboutMe Page: This site is an @Scoopriches production
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2 Responses to Meanwhile… One Year Later

  1. Happy blogoversary! I liked your Blog Squad post of the meet-up.. since that’s where we all met! 🙂

  2. Stacey says:

    You’ve got me—I can’t resist a good contest. Since the prize is a surprise, I reserve the right to say “no” if I win it but I don’t want it (I’ve seen “Let’s Make a Deal”). I have to say, this was a pretty sneaky way to get me to read all those posts I missed (well, all of the post headlines, anyway).

    I narrowed my favourites down to these:

    “My journey to find a QR Code Scanner…” — I remain convinced that QR codes are something that manufacturers/retailers/sellers have decided are the best thing since sliced bread but the rest of the world couldn’t care less about, mainly because they don’t work. I still make a move somewhere between a laugh, a cry, and a mental hand-to-forehead every time I see one on a poster in a subway station.

    “The Muppets – So Happy I Could Explode” — I didn’t have to read beyond the headline to love this post. So much laughter.

    “A Taste Of The Original Scoops Mental Propaganda” — I really loved the quote by Muir; it spoke to me.

    “Three Random Thoughts About Wall-E!!!” — Who doesn’t love Wall-E? And the fact that he reminds me of Number 5 was something I had to comment on.

    And my absolute favourite entry?

    “Archie Is Married. Now The Real Story Begins, Twice.” Archie is one of my favourite soap stars. Well, actually, Betty is one of my favourite soap stars (along with Jughead and Dilton), but I grew up begging my mom for money so I could keep up with the whole gang (digests only, I think I have only one actual comic book and that was from a trip to the East Coast that I got when we stopped at a hospital in Quebec—apparently they sell comics in French there…). So, anyway, this was my favourite Scoops post because it brought back memories of childhood and caught me up to date on what the gang is up to. Thanks for sharing!

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