Thirteen Random Thoughts On The Pixar Short Films!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me Trying To Pick The Next Pixar Short.

One of the many many things I have always admired about Pixar is their revival of the animated shorts before the main feature. These quick bites of deliciously funny stories always make me smile. And you can see the evolution of their craft along the way. Most entertaining. Most enlightening.

The Adventures Of Andre & Wally B
The earliest released Pixar short, a quick tale of a man being chased by a bee. Looks so crude today, but quite stunning in its time.

Luxo Jr
Big lamp plays ball with a smaller lamp. Their is so much expression exhibited by these two “characters”, several human actors can learn from this mini.

Red’s Dream
Incredibly more complex in art and story, Pixar really started stretching their legs here. Beginning with a dreary nighttime rainstorm, we move into a lonely bike shop and spy a unicycle in the corner, and peer into it’s dream. Very moving.

Tin Toy
The precursor in so many ways to what we now know of as Toy Story. A toy is scared of a baby.  And with a very good reason.  Very very cute.

Knick Knack
Bobby McFerrin provides the quirky catchy music that plays along as we see a very determined snowman trapped in a snowglobe attempt escape to be with a mermaid. Yes, that is right.

And after taking several years off from the shorts in order to concentrate on their full length films, Pixar jumped back into the game with…

Geri’s Game
An old man plays a death-defying game of chess. With himself. It is extremely noticeable the leaps and bounds Pixar has made here in terms of skill of rendering. And the story is great too!

For The Birds
A very cute tale starring a bunch of birds.  But with a very serious message, even more relevant today.  And our hero bird has a great laugh.

Mike’s New Car
We all love getting a new car.  They are fun.  They are shiny.  They are full of buttons.  And when a Monsters Inc employee gets a new car, buttons and shiny and fun equals chaos.

One of my all time favourites.  A happy sheep becomes depressed than happy again.  All told in a wonderful song filled with lots of, well, boundin’.

An Absolute Classic.

Jack-Jack Attack
What is the worst job in the world?  Being Joker’s henchman?  Watching Paulie Shore movies?  Or is it babysitting The Incredibles little super powered tyke Jack-Jack?

One Man Band
A man armed with a gazilion musical instruments versus a man armed with a gazilion musical instruments.  All for a shilling a little girl possesses.  Moral?  Don’t tick off a little girl.

Mater And The Ghostlight
Boo!  Scared ya!  Boo!!  Scared ya again!! But not as much as Mater from Cars will scare ya in this tale of ghosts and lights!

Trainees are wonderful people, full of vigour and untapped potential.  Even trainees on an alien spaceship attempting their first abduction.  Beware!

More massively great shorts exist, but they come later in Pixar’s timeline, and are filled with storks and rabbits and toys, oh my!  And another one will be added to this lexicon when Brave premieres!

The next amazingly great full-length movie from the genius of Pixar is Brave, which opens Friday, June 22, 2012. Mark your calendars, for Brave is coming!


P.S. The Pixar Short Films are copyright 2012 to Pixar.

To view the first Brave trailer, click here.

To view the second Brave trailer, click here.

To view the third Brave trailer, click here.


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One Response to Thirteen Random Thoughts On The Pixar Short Films!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. You don’t thin For The Birds inspired Rio or Angry Birds do you? Nawww couldn’t be.
    Disney used to do the shorts every seven years.

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