Harry Potter VS Twilight: Two Shall Enter!! Only One Shall Exit!

In celebration of the One Year Birthday of SMP, I now present only my second ever Guest Post!!  By my friend Tess!!  So without further waiting, a post about why Harry Potter beats Twilight!

Harry Potter VS. Twilight: fair comparison?

Anybody who knows me knows that I am a huge Potterhead, I don’t get Twilight, honestly I find it stupid and shallow, so this may seem biased.  I have a few reviews and questions that I’ve taken off of YahooAnswers.com:

Whyyy did harry potter copy twilight??!!?
I finished reading da twilight series nd realised dat harry potter coppied da hole storyyy……….lyk dey both hav wherewolfs

Ok… first of all, learn to spell… Oh my lordy * why * the * and * that * copied * the * whole * story * like * they * have * werewolves.  Second, are you delusional? The first Harry Potter book was written way before Stephanie Meyer even had the idea of writing Twilight, which I, and I’m sure many others, wish was an idea she never had.  I really hope you’re a troll.

Why Twilight is better than Harry Potter?
I sit next to a girl who is a Harry Potter fanatic. I mean litterally, she LOVES it, it’s kinda freaky. I kinda like harry potter too, I mean, its world famous and best selling etc. but I love Twilight! I just relate to it more, I think im a bit like Bella. Strong, Independent and down right awesome! But the girl I sit next to hates Twilight, she seriously has problems. I need some reasons why Twilight is extremely awesome and why harry potter sucks! She goes on about H.P. all the time, I swear it’s the only thing she ever says, so please give me great reasons to back myself up!!!!! THANKS 🙂

Bella, strong? Independent? Downright awesome?  Has Twilight turned your brain to mush? Bella passes out when Edward breathes in her face, if you want to think of yourself like that, that’s fine.  Personally, I’d rather think of myself like Hermione or Ginny, smart, pretty, able to show emotion, and kick-butt.  Yeah.

When asked why we dislike the Twilight Saga, us Potterheads have come up with these 7 reasons:
1) We’ve met the fans (as seen above, can you blame us?)
2) We’ve read the books (honestly, bo-ring!)
3) We’ve watched the movies (Breaking Dawn Part 1 was downright disturbing!)
4) We’re ticked that Meyer would steal so much from Harry Potter and never credit J.K.R.
5) Harry Potter is about love, friendship, perseverance, courage, rivalry, and so much more. Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend… that’s not even HUMAN! (As stated by many authors)
6) We can relate to the characters as they are created real, the only real trait Bella has is clumsiness.  Really? That’s your hero?
7) Twihards try to make the Saga out to be something it’s not (as in, good) and it’s extremely annoying to people who have the ability to recognize talent and a good story when they see it.

Tess’s Hero, J.K. Rowling

But anyways, on to the main point of this post, is it fair to compare Harry Potter and Twilight?  The two series are completely different.  They have magic in them, so what? That’s about the only similarity.  The fandoms have made this out to be a war, survival of the fittest, it’s not! You don’t like Harry Potter?  Well there may be something wrong with you but we don’t go and insult you by calling you a Twihard.  Let’s face it, if there were really a war, the worse series would be dead and there would be a lot of sad Twihards with nothing left to fill that empty hole in their hearts where the books used to be. That leaves me to believe that the Harry Potter fans started this war, knowing they couldn’t lose.  In twenty years Stephanie Meyer will be on one of those “Where are they now?” shows, she wrote some books that some people like, that’s nice, Justin Beiber is a singer that some people like. Comparing these books is like comparing Taylor Swift and Kiss, they sing, noting else remotely similar.

We all have our own opinions, so why should we start a war on who’s is the right one? There may be another book out there that we haven’t even heard of.  Maybe it tops Harry Potter and Twilight.  You never know.  I’m not saying you should keep all your opinions to yourself, express them, I’m just saying that this is how real wars start.  Why should we fight over something this stupid? Think about that next time you go to slam anything.

(The World’s Biggest Harry Potter Fan)

TessaTess is a young lady who reads and reads and reads.  And then she talks and talks and talks about what she has read.  She can be reached on twitter @Tessathebox.  By the way, she LOVES Harry Potter.

P.S.  Harry Potter is copyright 2012 to J.K. Rowling.  Twilight is copyright 2012 to Stephanie Meyer.

P.P.S.  My first ever Guest Post you can find here.


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4 Responses to Harry Potter VS Twilight: Two Shall Enter!! Only One Shall Exit!

  1. Tess Box says:

    Yep thats me!! Bring on the hate!

  2. Hah! Great guest post!
    Frightening that those are actual questions on Yahoo… such delusional mentality……

  3. David T.G. Riches says:

    Odd this post slipped right past me the first time. I would not be so hard on Twilight fans if it wasn’t that it originated as re-purposed fan-fiction. Still ask the question again in a decade and I think you will have a clear winner.

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