Being Yourself: The Hard Truth

In celebration of the One Year Birthday of SMP, I now present my third Guest Post!!  By my friend Sammi!!  So without any further waiting, a post about…

Finding Your Way.

How do you just be yourself?  How do you forget about fitting in and becoming popular?  I used to ask myself the same question.  Honestly, there is no fool proof answer.  I can’t tell you that there is a five step program or to just follow these steps.

I found my way with the encouragements of an awesome friend of mine Scoop (who owns this blog), my boyfriend, and a couple of others that have always been there for me.  When you find what you’re good at, where you belong, you won’t care what you have to do to keep your dreams because they will make you happy.  My dreams before this point in my life were to go into medicine, and become a paramedic.  The thing is that I still wasn’t happy.  The only time that I was truly happy was when I was doing Art.

My own self discovery and growth started last summer.  I finally told my parents that I wanted to go into art, of course they weren’t exactly thrilled at first (although I don’t blame them… after all what can a degree in studio arts really do for you in terms of a sustainable job?).  Since I told my parents that I’ve gone through a terrifying journey into the world of arts.  There are so many stereotypes about art (like how easy art class is… which is false by the way!) and how people think we’ve all got our heads in the clouds and how we are all these almost clown like figures.  Honestly, art is nothing like that.

My definition of art is this:  Anything that holds beauty can be art.

You, the person reading this.  You are a piece of art.  You are beautiful no matter who you are, what you look like, what you’ve done.  You are the most unique and beautiful piece of art anyone has ever seen whether the viewer admits it or not.

For me to see the beauty in everyone, everything, it makes me feel amazing.  To be able to realize that everything I see and feel, I can create and evoke emotion in another person.  That is where I flourish.  To be able to express myself in a way that I’ve searched for my entire life is a thrilling experience.  Yes, I’m still young, and yes, I’m still learning about myself but for once, I belong.  That is a feeling worth fighting for.

Would you like to know the scary truth now?  There is something out there, something that you may know of/may have found, something that you may be looking for, or something that you may have never heard of, that is worth you fighting for.  Don’t be afraid to do new things.  Open your mind and fight for what you believe in!  FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU WANT!  Nothing that is worth fighting for is easy.  Get out there and find yourself, if your not happy then change whatever it is that’s depressing you.  Don’t let your hopes get crushed just because someone tells you that you can’t.  I’ve always followed what everyone else wanted for me.. but really going against the grain feels amazing.  Love yourself, love others, just love.  Most of all though, free your inner self.


Sammi 2Sammi Sam is an Artist.  The Universe is her Paintbrush.  Fun and Joy is what she dances to Everyday.  Come and Join her!  She can be reached on twitter @StrawberryFinn



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