Three Random Thoughts On How To Make A Woman Happy…

… And the missus hates that title.  I wonder why?  Anyway, my little Googliebear has been very happy lately, with all these various excursions and activities we have participated in.  We started off with…

Elvis Rules!
On monday night we zipped off to see Elvis.  No, not that Elvis, but Steven Kabakos, the absolute best Elvis impersonator around (even has the awards to prove it!).  For years now, she has harboured a major crush on this deceased rock star, and Kabakos scratches the itch very well for her.  We have seen him four (!!!!) times so far in this past decade, with each performance surpassing the previous.  Yes, we were all shook up.  Sorry.  By the way, when I asked her what was up with this strange fascination with departed famous people, she responded by saying William Shakespeare and Ray Bradbury.  I conceded the point.  So next we move onto…

The Beach Boys!!
On tuesday night we zipped off to see The Beach Boys.  Yes, those Beach Boys, all the originals reunited for their massive 50th Anniversary.  For years now, she has harboured a major crush on these living legends, so seeing them in person was a treat.  Witnessing these classics, with the immortal Brian Wilson in his rightful place was truly wonderful.  Yes, it was fun fun fun.  Sorry.  Also when I asked her about her obsession with classic acts, she responded by mentioning Don Rickles.  I stand defeated.  So now we turn to…

As The World Turns!!!
On saturday and sunday nights we watch old episodes of As The World Turns.  Yes, that late lamented old soap opera, recently released dvd’s of selected episodes.  Plunging into them in chronological order, we get snapshots of the storylines as they go along through the ages.  Yes, our world turns for them.  Sorry.  And when I ask her (you see where this is going, right?) why she is into this old tv show, she brought up Dr. Who.  I now plan to time travel in order to win these arguements.  And now we all know…

…Of how to make a woman happy.  Next week I will present my dissertation on Plato’s Three Laws of Robotics.  Or something like that.


P.S.  As The World Turns is copyright 2012 to Procter and Gamble Productions.


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One Response to Three Random Thoughts On How To Make A Woman Happy…

  1. Good to see Brian Wilson back with the Beach Boys.

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