Scott Pilgrim 2: They Relive The Past

When last we left off with our intrepid young couple, they were just starting off in a relationship.

But first we detour to a guided tour of Scott’s past love life.

So buckle your seatbelts, as we dwelve into Scott Pilgrim Volume 2 Versus The World and plummet headlong into his sordid grainy life.  Keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times for this trip down memory lane, all curated by the amazing writer/artist Bryan Lee O’Malley.

For those of you who came in late, Scott Pilgrim is our hero, a slacker in his early twenties who in the first volume meets the girl of his dreams, the mysteriously alluring Ramona Flowers.  But the major stumbling block for their continued happiness is Ramona’s Seven Evil Ex’s, who are united to destroy Scott.  And have fun while doing this.  During these epic battles, the laws of physics and common sense vanish in a puff of logic.  And barely anyone even notices these breaches.

So now that these safety instructions are finally out of the way, on with the show.  We immediately enter the wayback machine and see Scott’s time in high school, complete with a first day fight.  At this point the human drama unfolds with Scott being blindly oblivious to Lisa, a girl interested in him, and showing interest in Kim, whom we were introduced to in the first Volume.  Both girls join Scott’s band and everything seems peachy keen until our hero is plucked away by a move to Toronto.  Kim and Lisa are left lovelorn.  Or are they?

One of the joys of pillaging all six volumes of Scott Pilgrim at once is all the plot and character details O’Malley manages to deftly shuffle into the story along the way.  Paying attention to how Scott recollects these events, seemingly so innocuous at the time but oh so pivotal later in the narrative, becomes very important before the end.  Scott is our gallant romantic hero.  Scott is a caring gentleman at all times.  Or is he?  Events in this story slam into our future, but even those answers bring forth more questions.  The underpinings exposed here have the task of vividly making all of us, somewhere down the road, question our own total recall.  What seems like a simple backstory reveals all.

Knives is in LOVE!

Meanwhile back in the present day, we also plunge into another wildly crazy battle with yet another Evil Ex.  Scott faces death, destruction and dismemberment at the hands of Lucas Lee, an “accomplished” actor with absolutely no respect for Casa Loma.  Scott somehow survives (otherwise their would be no Volume 3) and finally sees the next Evil Ex at the very conclusion of this Volume.  Also, Ramona’s day gets weirder and weirder when she enters a surreal fight of her own at the library.  And it was not about overdue books.  Both battles feature O’Malley letting his imagination stretch and bounce off of the universe.

After both these bone rattling battles, the emotional body blows begin anew.  Another fragment from the past, a dangerous and nasty character who trolls around Scott, makes her appearance.  The pages and pages of Scott’s anguish over She-Who-Is-So-Clearly-Not-Worth-It draws you in and drags you through the muck.  Scott just wants to know why he is not worth of Envy’s love.  Wrong question Scott, wrong question.  You should be asking why do you still care about this BL##P.  You can fill in the blanks yourself.

Right now, Scott is all set to enter Volume 3 and encounter the next Evil Ex.  An Ex with a strange Six Degrees Of Separation connection to his world.  An Ex that brings the surreal to the next level of surreal.  And Scott’s life gets more complicated.  As usual.

And I fully believe Sonic & Knuckles were a way better band.


P.S.  Scott Pilgrim is copyright 2012 to Bryan Lee O’Malley.  My review of Scott Pilgrim Volume 1 Precious Little Life is here.

P.P.S.  And thank you again to my friends Victoria, Katherine, and Gianna for thrusting Scott and Ramona into my life.  And a thank you to my brother Mark for loaning me his copies.


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