Arrow Of Bravery: My Review Of Pixar’s Newest

Take one plucky Princess, mix with a stubborn mother, stir in a wacky witch, plunk in an overzealous father, zip off a quiver full of arrows, and take in the chaos of crazed triplets, and what do you get?

The next great classic from the genius of Pixar, Brave.

Oh, and we mustn’t forget the bear!

All these ingredients and more mix into the perfect cocktail of fun, excitement, and moral lessons that will thrill and chill everyone of all ages.  All those imbecile critics who have trashed Brave are simply Dursleys, working with their backs to the window.  So lets not waste anymore time on small-minded people!

The Queen

Brave, for those who for some unfathomable reason do not know, is the story of a Princess living a long time ago in ancient Britain who really wants to pick her own fate.  Stifled by her mother and being forced to choose a future husband, she takes off and acquires a spell from a slightly loopy witch who is very spirited.  Away the Princess goes to change her life, but the unforeseen consequences make for more chaos then her troublesome younger brothers have ever accounted for.  An added side effect is a moral reckoning between mother and daughter.  And that is the main crux of Brave.

Her mother views everything as a duty, all responsibilities laying uneasily on the crown.  You do not always happily take on all being hoisted onto you, but you must do so.  Or all with fall.

The daughter believes life is hers to choose with.  These various and arcane rules and tribulations could not and should not matter.  Why be beholden to obsolete traditions?  If we do not move forward, will society not fall?

The King

Mother and daughter.  Old and new.  Fate and Choice.  These concepts are the playthings sprinkled lovingly between the archery and the bears.  All throughout the movie’s dna are these ideas, climaxing multiple times.  A tumultuous fight between the Queen and the Princess partway through brings real heartbreak, mirrored by another skirmish where the goals are markedly different.  Much is learned by both at this juncture.  Including how to live together.

That journey of reconciliation is the very pointed arrow of courage the Princess grows into.  Matures into.  Blazing the trail to…

Being Brave.


P.S.  Brave is copyright 2012 to Pixar.

P.P.S.  Stay to the end of the credits!  And you will love the short La Luna!  And Beware Of Gingers With Arrows!


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One Response to Arrow Of Bravery: My Review Of Pixar’s Newest

  1. Stacey says:

    Crud. I did not stay until the end of the credits (what’d I miss?). I also really enjoyed Brave. Pretty classic, but [SPOILER] surprise, surprise the heroine did not have a beau at the end. (I thought it was a good thing.) I LOVED Angus. Especially his refusal to enter the circle of stones. Such a horsey thing to do. And I had to wonder at the witch’s obsession with bears (now there’s a prequel waiting to happen). Hurray for plucky princesses! 😀 (FYI: I saw the 3D version, but there wasn’t really anything spectacular enough in it to suggest it was better than regular animation.)

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